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I have some exciting news for you! I am sure you all LOVE Mario Lopez! If you are my age then you probably think of Slater from Saved By The Bell when I mention  his name. He got his start as a super hot teen sensation on that show. I now enjoy watching him on Extra each night.
Well he has given me another reason to love him! He has created a new line of underwear for men. MaLo is now avaliable at in Men’s Fashion section of Target. As a huge fan of Mario and Target I headed out to check it out as soon as I heard about the new line! Not only because I love Target and Mario Lopez, but also because my husband is in need! In need of a serious underwear makeover!  All the wives out there know what I am talking about. After you have been married a while the concern about looks fades. He is more concerned about being comfortable! That means he grows attached to those holes and stretched out elastic bands. In fact when I went to see what his size was I found that even the tag was totally faded on most. I found one Fruit of the Loom still in tact but that was it.
Surely you know what I am talking about! I think all men do this! So with that in mind I decided it was time to toss out the old and replace with the NEW!

The Target display immediatly stopped me in my tracks. The package shows a roman statue in underwear! That is how we see our husbands so why not let them see it too? They carry trucks, briefs and undershirts. I was surprised that the sizes do not go up to the plus sizes. Maybe one day he can add some for the larger guys out there. You can see my entire shopping experience here.

I purchased 4 packs of trunks and 1 pack of undershirts. I love the colors and designs! They are hip and modern! No whitey tighty styles here! I loved the bold red and purple as well as the skulls and other designs. These designs are sure to make your man feel like the stud he is!

Mario Lopez

Once I was home I could not help myself and I opened one package. OH WOW! They are so soft! They have this amazing stretch waist band. They may be the softest men’s underwear I have ever seen or felt! I seriously wanted to go back and get me some! They would work perfect for sleeping clothes for us ladies too!

While my husband was still at work I cleaned out the drawers. Oh yes! Bye Bye holy underwear! I replaced them with the new MaLo underwear I bought. Then I waited for him to come home and be shocked. Shocked is one word for what he was! He was a bit upset about the holy, faded, stretched out boxers being thrown out. I think he had a serious attachment to them. So I quickly turned his attention to the NEW underwear.

Now my husband is not a brand loyal guy nor does he let celebrity names or endorsements sway him. So I had to tear open the package and show him the inside. Then there was a moment of silence. He knew it was amazing! I think he was scared to say I was right….but I was! He hesitantly said he would give them a try.
I am happy to tell you that one week later he has a new favorite! He agrees that they are like nothing he has worn before. The softness of these underwear are nothing like the cotton boxers he was used to. The waistband has a perfect fit. He hates to admit it but he knows they are the cutest underwear ever! The undershirts got a big thumbs up too! I have a feeling I will be back at Target very soon stocking up on more for him. This time I will get some for me too.
I had a chance to chat with Mario Lopez on Twitter  and he let me in on a secret…
YEAH!!! I can’t wait! But until I will continue to replace all the oldies I threw out of my husband’s drawers with MaLo Underwear! It is exciting for us both!
You can makeover your man too! Check your local Target for MaLo Underwear. They are $12.99 for a pack of 2.
Tell Mario Lopez and others what you think on Twitter. Maybe he will reply to you too! Use the hashtag #MaLoUnderwear so we can follow along.
Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and MaLo #CBias #SocialFabric . All opinions are my own and honest. 
  • Oh, I’m excited to hear that a ladies line is in the works too!

  • I’m pretty stoked to hear that a ladies line coming out soon. Can’t wait to see all of the options there!

  • I’m stoked about the ladies’ line!

  • Too funny…the boyfriend’s underwear drawer just had a serious makeover…it was time! Didn’t know about MaLo wear, though. I’ll have to check out the ladies’ line.

  • DUDE, awesome job on chatting with the star. and you are one brave woman for tossing your husband’s underwear

  • Men do hate to admit we’re right, lol. My husband wasn’t sure at first but now he loves his MaLo undies.