DIY Decorations for Just $2.00!

When the chance came to share DIY ideas/tips/instructions, I was stoked! I absolutely love hand made items, re-purposing, DIY…if it’s crafty, I love it. One thing I always take into consideration is cost, when I’m working on a room/idea/thought, I want to make sure it’s budget friendly, environmentally friendly and appealing to look at. I mean, come on….who wants an ugly decoration or poorly decorated room, especially when putting so much time and energy into it.


These decorations are absolutely adorable, super simple to make and inexpensive beyond inexpensive- we’re talking potentially FREE….seriously!

The pictures above show step by step how to do it, but I’ll type it out a bit, just to make sure it’s clear.

* Start with tissue paper and ribbon (can be pre-used, colored on, dyed, etc.)

* fold the tissue paper into quarters, make sure to cut all folded edges

* scrunch or accordian style fold, tie in the center with a ribbon- make sure you leave a long tail

* fluff the paper to your liking

* hang where ever you’d like them- the ones pictured are for my daughters room, I purchased the tissue paper to match her comforter

**More ideas**

* allow your child(ren) to color the tissue

* color with markers then use an eye dropper or straw to drip water onto the marker, allow to dry before use

* layer multiple colors/prints together to create super fun deco balls

Have a wedding? These are AWESOME in all white, make sure to use the WHOLE sheet- layer, layer, layer and make sure to fluff carefully to prevent tearing! Add the bridemaids’ dress colors as a couple sheets within the layers, just to add a pop of color.

Hang them outside, add battery operated lights to the center (carefully set or glue them in) and watch your guests oo and awww (’cause it’s AWESOME!)

I absolutely love, love, love these. There are SO many things you can do to make them fun or elegant. With a starting price of free- with re-used tissue and ribbon, you simply can’t go wrong! I purchased the above pictured packs and ribbon to match my daughters room, it cost me $3.18 at a dollar store. :)

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, please let me know if you try it, feel free to share pics (Pinterest-  ). Also, if there’s something specific you’d like to see, please let me know. 


Comments are welcome below and all will be responded to :)