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  1. Carl Watson
    August 1

    I am familiar with ugly door knobs, as I was facing the same problem as you were.

  2. Heather Hayes Panjon
    November 3

    The Updated Knobs Look GREAT ! Good Job And Thanks For Sharing !:)

  3. Katy
    January 5

    Found this on Pinterest and I am intrigued.
    How have the doorknobs held up to constant use? I think using this technique on the low use doors and splurging for the high traffic areas would be the way to go. What has your experience been?

    • Heather Brummett
      January 30

      I am very happy! We did this in September and now in January they still look great. No fading or chipping. With 2 little ones these get used a lot! :)

  4. Ron Anderson
    January 30

    This looks great. I too have so many doors with brass knobs. I’ve already replaced 3 bedroom door knobs, but as noted, they are so expensive. I am definately going to try this, and what a better time than this weekend. As Katy asked above, I’d love to know how the knobs held up with constant use? Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Heather Brummett
      January 30

      HI Ron! Thanks for your comments! YES new oiled rubbed bronze or other fancy knobs are very expensive! This is a cheap but effective way to update them. Ours have held up beautifully! Good luck with your project! Let me know how it goes for you! Thanks!

  5. Brenda Davis
    January 30

    Would also like to know how the knobs hold up with heavy use. One question I do have is what about knobs with locks, can this be done on them also or will the paint damage the lock mechanism?

    • Heather Brummett
      January 30

      Great question Brenda! I am very happy with how they turned out and how they are holding up. They have not chipped or worn down at all! And our knobs go through a lot of use with my 2 little ones! As for the locks- I sprayed one with the lock and it is working just as it did before. No issues at all. I am not an expert so I can not guarantee anything. :) But I am VERY pleased! Thanks for stopping by!

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