Shopping For New Glasses: Then & Now

My daughter started telling me a few months back that her eyes seemed fuzzy. She has been pointing out things she can not see and I knew it was time for a new exam. It took be back 25 or so years to when I started noticing my eyes changing. I went to a real eye doctor for the first time and they said the dreaded words…”You need glasses.” As a young girl who was still learning to feel good about herself that was hard! I was not happy. Then I remember going into a room filled with glasses. I was crying and could not see so I had no idea what looked good on me. I decided on a pair of blue metal frames. Oh they were horrible! Absolutely horrible! They looked so much different with the lenses that allowed me to see them for real. Plus considering how emotional I was when I picked them out it was not surprising I settled so quickly.
That brings me back to today. I want my daughter to have a much better experience than I had. So we have discussed glasses may be an option for her. I have talked about it so much that I think she will be disappointed if they say she does not need prescription eyeglasses.
I want her to choose her frames but in a much better state and environment than I was in. I love . They have an awesome NEW Virtual Mirror Feature. We checked it out just this morning. It was so much fun! She was able to take a photo of herself and within seconds it was on screen looking back at her. She was then able to browse the glasses frames and virtually try them on. AMAZING! She tries on fun ones, bright ones and then very sophisticated ones

She narrowed it down to her top choices. I was very impressed with her choices. Mostly I was thrilled to see her having fun with the experience.

You can try the Virtual Mirror Feature right here. It is awesome and gives you great real time results. You can pick out eyeglasses for the whole family from the kitchen table.

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