GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning

GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning provides various specialty care services for your home’s carpets, rugs, leather, mattresses, upholstery and air ventilation system. The unique feature of this company’s services is its commitment to using non-toxic, environmentally friendly, green products. As they clean your home, you can rest knowing the cleaning solutions are safe for your health and the health of your family and pets. Green cleaning is all about selecting products that have little to no impact on the environment’s natural state, both in their contents and in their use. GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning uses safe and effective green cleaning solutions to remove stains and dirt from your home’s carpets and cleanable surfaces. Their cleaning solutions include baking soda, enzymes, salts, citric acid and other gentle ingredients that are commonly used in many households. GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning iscommitted to provide cleaning services in a safe and healthy way. Besides carefully choosing only green cleaning products, GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning offers special area rug cleaning services. They inspect the area rug’s materials and current condition. Then they select the best cleaning solution to preserve its colors and protect its fibers during the cleaning process. Some rugs are treated with a gentle machine cleaning, while other rugs, such as Persian rugs, are cleaned by hand. In addition to cleaning rugs and furniture, GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning extends its services to cleaning air ducts. The service uses a vacuum system and non-toxic solutions to remove allergens, dust and debris from the air ducts. The green cleaning approach improves the air quality of the home without the use of harmful cleaning chemicals. Consider GreenChoice Carpet Cleaning’s prompt service for your home’s next carpet or air ventilation cleaning job.