Host an Ice Cream Birthday Blast Party (Even the Kids Can Do This!)

This weekend I had the pleasure of putting together a birthday party for my brother and my sister in law. They are amazing people and deserved an awesome party. Something beyond party pats and streamers. With money tight and time and energy even tighter I had to come up with something new and¬†extraordinary. And I did…well I think it was awesome! I had to share this with you. This ice cream theme party is something that you can include the kids in! In fact the adorable ice cream cake was done with the help and design of my niece! The cups of candy were filled by my kids.

Here is what you need:

Ice Cream: all of your favorite flavors

Cones: your favorites (regular, colored, waffle cups, waffle cones)

Toppings: Syrup, Drizzle, Fruit, Candy! Go crazy! We used : Hot Tamales, Red Hots, Crushed Oreos, Mini Chocolate Chips, Gummies, Cherries, Chocolate Syrup, Strawberry Topping, and more. TIP: Go to the candy isle and go to the dollar individual boxes and bags. You can get lots of mini sized candies for a great price!

That’s it! Gather some fun trays and cups and spread out the feast!

For the cake get some cones and lots of icing and 3 cake boxes. Make 3 small cakes and stack them together. Cover the cakes with icing…lots of icing! Then let the kids decorate with the candy you got for the toppings. Have fun! Then take some cones and fill with candy to weight it down. They can be added to the top or cut little sections out for the sides and slide the cones into the sides of the cake. We choose to place them on top. You can hold them up with toothpicks.


This will be the best ice cream party that you ever had! Try it!

  • JoLynn

    It really was a wonderful party!! Thanks so much for doing that for us!!