What are Twitter Parties & How Do I Participate?

I have been asked this question the most since I started hosting and attending Twitter Parties. I do not want any of you to feel like it is only for the elite or tech savvy. You can play too!

Why do Companies do Twitter Parties?

Companies host twitter parties to get their name, new products, cause awareness, deals, and other important information in the spotlight. This is a way that they can generate buzz in a fun and effective way. Companies can get hundreds and even thousands of tweets about their brand in a few hours with twitter parties. This can result in “trending” which means people are talking about it.

Also companies may promote a certain website, coupon, facebook page, post, etc. This page will receive an enormous amount of traffic during the party.

What is a Twitter Party?

Twitter parties are events that happen on twitter. It is like a huge online FUN gathering. There is generally a hashtag to follow and all comments in the party can be identified with that. Generally there are questions by the host and those attending the party can answer the questions. There is almost always prizes that can be won at these parties as well.

How do I participate?

Find out the details. This will depend on the host. You may need to RSVP on a linky or a specific RSVP site or they may just ask for you to show up at a certain time. Make sure you read all the rules and details.

The Twitter Parties that I host are managed using a Tweet Grid. It is set up by the host  or company with all the hashtags and people to follow (host and/ or sponsor) already in the filters. All you have to do is log in with your user name and watch the tweets come across your grid.  Here is how it will look.

If you are on your mobile device you can participate by doing a search of the party hashtag. This is hard but it can work. You will need to refresh your platform very often so that you do not miss anything.

How do I win prizes?

Generally the Host or Co-Host will announce that they are about to pick a winner. Be sure you have read the rules completely to know how you are eligible. Some require that you RSVP, some require that you are actively participating, etc. It varies by company, host and party. Watch the tweets carefully so that you respond properly if you are a winner. For example: Do you email?Do you send a Direct Message? You may need to do this in a set time frame as well.

Here is a visual example:

A host will ask a question:

You will see answers start flying in. See how they start with the Q# and end with the hashtag.

Watch for warnings that prizes are being given out.

Watch for winner announcements.


This is a great option for companies to gain exposure and increase brand awareness. This is fun for you as a participant to learn about new products or causes, discover new ideas and win great prizes. Bookmark this post and rsvp for a Twitter Party today.

Places to find Twitter Parties:

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 Companies interested in learning more about being a party Sponsor or to get put on the schedule contact me. I will see that you are connected with the best host and marketing package for your needs.