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I am so excited guys! I just discovered this awesome program by Jingit to help you earn money for your school and make money for yourself! This program is so awesome I just had  to share it! When you go shopping for your weekly groceries you can now buy the things you are already planning to buy but now you can ALSO make money for you and your school! They offer bonus Box Top for Education that are sent right to the school of your choice. It is so easy!

Who’s Jingit?  A tech start up company that allows great brands like General Mills to pay you real, instant cash for paying attention to them. Because truly great brands should truly value your time. And with this limited time offer, not only will you earn by finding participating products in store and online, your designated school will receive Bonus Box Tops every time you do!

As soon as I heard about it I went online and signed up. In case you thought I was not serious about how easy and fun it was I did this little video for you. In 5 minutes you can sign up, pick  school to send money to AND start making money! Seriously! Check it out.

So now what? Well after you have signed up, you watch a few videos and answer a few questions and you are already on your way. But to make it even more awesome they have an app that lets you make money while shopping! Yes I said that correctly! With Jingit you can shop for items you need and buy already but now you can make money while you do it! For example, if you need cereal and yogurt this week you are can use Jingit! First check your paper or go online and grab some coupons. These brands like General Mills and Yoplait almost always have coupons. Then when you go to buy these items you search for items that are eligible near you. Once you find them you “check in” on the Jingit app by scanning the code on the products. Then CHA-CHING! You’ve added money to your account and sent bonus box tops to your school!

Here is me and my little man in action at my Walmart using the Jingit app.(Quick side note: He just had a blue ring pop.)

 We had so much fun shopping for groceries! I love to shop but my little man hates it. With the Jingit app it was like we were on a scavenger hunt and he was able to play. I let him help me find the specific items that we were looking for. Then I let him help check in and scan items. It was a blast and made shopping so much easier for me. You can see more about my signing up and shopping experience on Google Plus.

Another great thing about this program is you do not earn points, tokens, etc. You earn cash in real time. You do not have to wait for someone to mail you a check. With Jingit you sign up for the Visa Debit Card and can use it to spend your earnings when you want! The debit card only costs $2 to get and that comes from your balance. If you have as much fun with this as I did you will have $2 in the first day and can have your debit card sent  to you! There is not a credit check or and crazy fees involved. Again it is just easy!

After such a great day of shopping and making money we enjoyed a Totino’s Party Pizza for an after school snack. What a perfect day. I love this program!

To recap you need to sign up and use Jingit to make money for your school and for your family! Here are the 3 easy steps one more time.

Step 1:Sign up for Jingit here. Click the “Earn Now” button and then “Facebook Login” in the right-hand corner, you will be prompted through sign-up and then to the Box Tops for Education school select pages. Pick YOUR school!

Step 2: Download the Jingit app to your phone using this here. (Jingit works on iPhone and Droid phones with iOS. )

 Step 3: Go to Walmart. Check in with the Jingit app and scan the barcodes on any participating General Mills’ back-to-school basics products. You will earn money and 4 Bonus Box Tops will automatically be donated to your selected school. You will see screens like this on your app that are sure to make you smile!

Also look for banner ads with a Jingit curl from these same brands. Every time you Jingit on, you’ll earn – and donate – more. Back to school shopping has never been so rewarding.

Connect with Jingit on Twitter and follow the discussions using the hashtag #jingit4edu and on Facebook .

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  • I love that video fo you and your little helper in-store!

  • Melanie Reed

    For those interested in signing up, please feel free to use my referral link. I need $2.25 more to reach my weekly max. A few extra bucks a week would be awesome for this college student (more Ramen anyone…?). Thanks in advance!