Quick and Easy Personal Pizzas

PhotobucketHere is a fun diner that we made this week. The kids were very involved because it was fun and easy! And it was a cheap dinner idea


  • 2 cans biscuits (I used Walmart Brand)
  • Pepperoni
  • Shredded Cheese
  • 2 8ounce cans Tomatoe Sauce
  • Seasoning (I used an Italian blend)

Step 1: Press out each biscuit so that each lays then
Step 2: Pour tomatoe sauce on each buscuit until covered. Leave a little room along the edges

Step 3:Add seasoning to your desired taste
Step 4: Sprinkle Shredded cheese on each biscuit
Step 5: Add pepperoni
Step 6: Place in over at 400 for 15 mins (Or until biscuits are light brown)

Step 7: Serve with a side salad & enjoy!



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    You know you just gotta love it when you can get the kids into the kitchen to teach them homemade home ec! Getting their hands all floured up and the rolling and kneading! There is nothing better that I can think of to help children develop and learn to be self sufficient than to be in a kitchen! Great post!

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    I have a similar recipe, but it uses English Muffins instead of biscuits. I will have to try it with the biscuits soon because I just bought some on sale last week.

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