What are Sensory Friendly Movies?

Have you heard of Sensory Friendly Movies for autistic kids? This is an amazing service offered by many theaters nationwide and locally. We had the opportunity to attend some this summer and it was the best experience ever! Like many children on the Autism Septrum, my son can not sit through a standard movie at the theaters! Once the previews start the hands go up and cover those ears and he starts to cry. After a few more minutes he can not contain it and starts moving around because he is so uncomfortable. This was something completely new to me since my daughter was able to enjoy a movie experience from the age of 2. She still loves any chance to go see her favorite animated characters on screen. Unforchunatly for her that does not happen with me because my son can not take the noise.

That is why I love the sensory friendly movies being offered by theaters. During these special showings the auditoriums have their lights up, the sound turned down and audience members are welcome to get up and move as needed. He is able to enjoy a movie that is not loud and when his body can not sit still any longer he can stand up and move around.

What I love the most about these events is that it is an excepting and comfortable environment. We do not have to experience “the looks” that come from being with people who do not understand our children. As a mom I do not have to feel bad for disturbing other movie watchers. I can sit back and let my little guy enjoy a movie.

Many of the theaters even allow parents to bring their own gluten-free and casein-free snacks. Now your child can enjoy snacks during the movie too!

Some movie theaters that offer Sensory Friendly Movies are below. You should also check with your local theaters as many of them offer these options and events as well.

Participating AMC Theaters

StarPlex Cinemas

Quality Theaters

Theatres at Mall of America