Corn Starch Experiment: Making Magic Mixtures

This is a very easy experiment for kids that also helps with sensory building. This corn starch experiment uses items you probably already have in your kitchen making it a perfect last minute and cheap activity for kids.

How to make this Corn Starch Magic:


  • Corn Starch
  • Water
  • Measuring Cup & Spoons
  • bowls (clear is best)

Step 1. Pour 1 cup of corn starch in each bowl

Step 2. Slowly add a table spoon of water at a time

Step 3. Watch it start to transform.

This experiment is so cool! The mixture turns hard as it sits in the bowl. As you pick it up it molds and turns to a goo or slime type texture. Then watch as it turns to liquid!

Ideas to Try :

  • Pick up the hard mixture and roll into a ball in your hands. Your child will feel it harden and form a solid ball. Then open his hand and watch it turn into a gooey texture and then into liquid!
  • Let him place his hand into the mixture. The mixture will mold to his hand as a liquid and turn to a solid. But no fear, as he lifts his hand up it will turn to liquid again!
  • Let him pour it on you!
  • Let him enjoy the feel of the mixture as he plays with the mixture and feels as the texture changes.
  • Use kitchen items like spoons and cups to play with the magical mixture.
  • Add food coloring and create fun colors.
  • Put parts in a Ziploc bag and watch it move.
When you are done store in a ziploc bag. It turns back into powder. You will just add water the next time you want to play!

Here is a video of this Magic Mixture in action: