Redecorating Your Room The Cheap Way

That spare room doesn’t have to be useless space. If it’s dressed up now as a guest room, chances are it’s dated. Okay, odds are it’s prehistoric. Time to transform it into a space you can really use. No matter if you’re envisioning a new media room, a workroom, a crafting place, a home office, a game room, or even a redone modern guest room, that new image you’re envisioning doesn’t have to blind you later with a huge bill.


The first step is furniture, the second is paint and fabric, and the third is accents and storage, but these steps work together. A splash of color and a few discreet slip covers can give a new room look to a lot of old furniture. If you just want to add accents to your current design, a new colorful vase in harmony with a vibrant color scheme can make the oldest room achieve a fresh look. New paint can revive an old chest, table or étagère, but you don’t have to put up with old stuff just to save money. There are plenty of thrifty yet chic items available to consider.


A contemporary chic bar stool with chairs assembly, featuring storage space, would be a multi-function choice to outfit a winning game room or a home office. There are items like Putter Pool that will be fun for the family but still leave plenty of desk space for a home office.


Abcdistributing on is a great place to start reimagining your new space. It displays just a few of their quality decorator and home products that have been recommended by other members. These pins portray a multitude of themes for you to choose from — or to inspire your own design. This type of visual brainstorming is an excellent way to stimulate the inventive imagination. Ready access to product details and pricing is very helpful in budgeting for the project. You have both the design and budget in mind at one time.


Affordable decorating doesn’t mean last year’s stuff or old and dated. You don’t have to settle for yard sale and thrift store finds. There are a great many very chic, contemporary and highly affordable options at Abcdistributing on to create your own new space. All you have to do is sit back, click and imagine.

photo credit: Country Living