Getting Healthy & Losing Weight the Right Way! Join my journey! { #cbias #frozenfavorites }

It is time to make a serious change in my life to get on the right track to getting healthy and lose weight the right way. I have battled my weight for over a decade now and I know that fab diets do not work! I have had the yo-yo effect far to many times. Recently while trying to decide how to loss weight again I realized it was not the diet’s fault that it kept coming back, it was MY fault! The fad diets that I have tried have all been temporary. When I am done I always go back to my old ways of eating and living! This has got to change.

When I reached my thirties a funny thing happened. I no longer was worried about how people saw me or if they new my “secret” weight. Suddenly it was not about them it was about me. I have now decided to lay it all out for you all and hope that you will join me on this journey either by watching and checking in on me or JOINING me in making the change! Here is my plan for the 1st 2 weeks.

Change the foods I eat for good!

I am going to train myself to eat a more sensible breakfast,  lunch and a healthy family dinner each night. I will NOT starve myself as I know that does not work. Lunch is my worst because I am always on the go and usually stop at  drive through or end up just snacking all day. I found some Asian Inspired Lean Cuisine meals in the frozen foods section at Sams Club this week  while shopping and had an “ah-ha” moment! See my shopping trip here. I stocked up on the Lean Cuisine Frozen Meals and since they were so affordable I was able to get enough for 2 weeks! At Sam’s Club they come in a 6 pack for less than $12. That means less than $2 a day! Think of how much I will save by eating these instead of fast food. I love the variety they offer in each 6 pack. I looked around a lot while I was there and realized these were the most delicious looking and most affordable. That made adding these to my daily “getting healthy” routine really easy!

I also picked up salad and fruit items to have with my dinners. I found a fabulous deal on chicken too. I ended up with enough for a great variety for lunch and dinners. The best part was it was really affordable. Seriously, I was shocked when I got 2 weeks worth of healthy foods for lunch and dinner for about $40!

Here is my lunch on Day 1. It was AMAZING!

It only took a couple minutes in the microwave and then I was able to enjoy a delicious lunch! I added some fruit and put it on a regular plate. In my opinion the only way you could know that this Lean Cuisine Asian meal is a frozen meal is if you eat it out of the container. When you pop it on a plate there is no way you can tell. It is fresh and so flavorful.

Get Moving!

This a HUGE thing for me! I am not an athletic person. I have tried gym memberships but anyone with kids at home knows that is extremely difficult to do with kids in tow. I have at least a dozen workout videos but I never make the time or take a stand on my tv time to do it. This week I started something that I think was created just for me! Couch to 5k is perfect for the completely unfit and non athletic person like me! It says in the title it is for people who prefer a couch like me! It was really easy to sign up and get started. It took maybe 2 minutes using my phone to get set up.

Today was day 1 of Couch to 5k also. It was a wonderful experience for me as a mom because my little man loves being outside. He was thrilled to hop in the stroller and get out of the house with me. I created an upbeat and encouraging playlist to listen to during the 30 minutes. When I was ready I just clicked open the app and pushed start. The app instructs you exactly what to do. I started with a warm up walk. Then it got very challenging! I will not lie it was HARD! The app fades the music out and tells you it is time to jog or walk. It does intervals of 60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking. Ok I admit I skipped a couple of the running sets and walked instead. But in the end I completed 30 minutes of physical activity and got off the COUCH! YEAH! My little man aka cheerleader and workout buddy took some photos to help capture the moment. You can see how tired and yet thrilled I am when I finish.

What now?

So here we go! Today is a new day to start going down the healthy path. I really hope you will join me in these changes. Just doing the 2 steps above: Lean Cuisine lunches and Couch to 5K you can make a difference and it is totally affordable! But if not please stop by and check out my progress. I will be sharing my struggles and accomplishments.

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For more information on the Lean Cuisine meals I choose to eat check out the following:

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