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Waverly and the Magic Seashells

Coming this Fall!

The Bridge Direct (the toy company who manufacturers the Justin Bieber dolls, Inkoos and Shoulder Buddies) is launching a brand new small doll line for girls. And I am here to tell you all about it! I was able to enjoy time with my kids and the fun shells and mermaids this weekend! First let me share with you all the inside information that I have on these magical shells and mermaids.

  • There are more than 50 different secrets to be revealed – including lights, sounds, and spoken secrets from Waverly and her friends.
  •   Waverly and the Magic Seashells “Pearl Seashells” Collectibles ($4
    These beautiful sculpted shells are just like real seashells and come with a special pearl that unlocks unique secrets in the Magic Seashell Playset (sold separately). Each Pearl Seashell also includes a cute miniature Pearl Pet that protects the pearl.
  • Waverly and the Magic Seashells “Mermaids of Azarella” Dolls ($7.99/each) Waverly and her friends are featured as beautiful 3” mermaid dolls, each accompanied by a special pearl that holds secrets of the seas. When placed in the pearl reader in the Magic Seashell Playset (sold separately), each pearl’s secrets are revealed in that mermaid’s  unique voice. The dolls also include a scepter-shaped hairbrush and a special accessory, such as a treasure chest, trophy cup or pedestal.
  • Waverly and the Magic Seashells Magic Seashell Playset ($24.99) The enchanting Magic Seashell Playset opens up to reveal Waverly’s home, complete with her bed, a swing and the magic pearl reader that can be used to unlock the secrets hidden in each pearl.

My kids have seen commericals on tv about the magical seashells and were in aww. So when they toys arrived at our house I felt like Santa! I knew somthing they did not know! After bath time I pulled out the complete set and watched the smiles and jumps start! All I needed to do was unwrap the packaging and hand it over!

I smiled as the  magical world came to life right in front of them! The more seashells and mermaids you have the more exciting it becomes. Thankfully we had one mermaid for each child so there was no fighting. I have to say that my little man enjoyed playing with this as much as my daughter! I think seashells, mermaids and magic are fun for all ages and genders!

Each little pearl contains a secret that can only be unlocked by the Magic Seashell playset. As you place the pearl in the pearl reader magicall thinggs happen! The Seashell playset lights up and a secret is revealed in the voice of that mermaid! It was so exciting to watch each and every time! Then my daughter was able to show off her pearl in the the ring that came with it. She could switch out the pears so the a new pearl was shown off each day. She LOVES wearing her huge magical pearl!

Here is a special look at these magical seashells and dolls.


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