4 Great Ways to Make Your Own Halloween Decorations

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Halloween decorations can be notoriously expensive, a fact that tends to be emphasized by the current economic climate, so it is no wonder that more and more families are turning to making their own to save money.

Here is a list of ways that you can make great decorations at little cost:

Toilet paper ghosts

Things you will need:

A roll of toilet paper

A ball of string

A black felt-tip pen

A pair of scissors

Take three sheets of toilet paper, and taking care not to separate the sheets, roll the paper into a ball using your hand. Take another 3 sheets and smooth it over the ball in order to form the head.  The second three sheets of paper should hang down below the head to create something akin to a neck and body.

Take a length of string and cut a length of about five inches and tie it around the neck and pull tightly, but not too hard to crumple the paper to create a ‘gown effect’ for the body.

Take the felt-tip pen and draw a set of uniquely ghoulish features, and take another 5 inch piece of string and tie around the neck for hanging.

Repeat the process for each ghost.

Ghoulish footprints

Things you will need:

A black felt-tip pen

A big white sponge

A pair of scissors

Take the felt-tip pen and draw foot shapes on the sponge for both left and right footprints and cut around the outline of each foot – simple!

You can repeat this process as many times as you like to create a pathway for trick-or-treaters to follow or around the side of your house for an extra scary effect.

The abandoned house effect

Things you will need:

White gauze


You can make a house look spooky and abandoned by simply shredding gauze and hanging it from the windows in place of curtains or from furniture. Trust me, the effect is impressive and most importantly – cheap!

Bats (made from egg cartons)

Things you will need:

An egg carton


Black solvent-free paint

A paintbrush

‘Googly eyes’


Sticky tape

This is perhaps the cheapest, yet most effective of decorations. Take an egg carton and cut it into pieces, making sure that there are three egg containers for each bat. Paint each piece black and stick eyes on the middle egg container for the head, and cut fangs into the head for an eerie effect.

Cut a piece of string and tape the string to the head and hang it from the ceiling. You can customize each bat for different effects, maybe adding glitter at a little extra cost.

There you have it – four great, cheap Halloween decorations!

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  • Jaime Nicole

    I love the toilet paper ghosts! I will definitely have to make these with my girls!