Getting Healthy The Right Way: An Update and A Fruit Salad Recipe

WOOHOO! I did it! I stayed on the “get healthy” track for 2 weeks! I wanted to drop in and give you an update. But first here is a little recap. I decided I needed to make a change. I knew all the things that did NOT work so I decided it was time to make a real change in my lifestyle including healthy foods and being more active.

I went to one of my favorite stores in search of healthy meal options for me. They had to be something super easy and yummy! I picked up lots of fruit and salad items. I discovered a variety pack of Lean Cuisine meals. I may have been drooling while just looking at them. They came in 6 packs and it was such a fabulous deal that I had to get 2 variety packs. That has lasted me 2 weeks now. I have to tell you I have not grown tired of these asian meals. In fact I look forward to my lunch every day!

Over the last two weeks I have found ways to spice up and change up my meals just a little each day. My favorite so far has been adding in chopped up jalapenos, tomatoes and white onion to add a little kick to the meals. I found that adding just a little seasoning, sauce or vegetable every now and then helped keep it exciting. Then some days I would eat them plain because I am here to tell you they rock just as they are!

I also would add little side dishes to the Lean Cuisine meals on most days. I love fruits so it was only natural that I would make fruit my side on most days. But like the frozen meals I liked adding a little flare to the fruit every now and then.

One of my favorite side dishes has been adding fruit to spinach or fresh greens! I know it sounds odd but it is the perfect combination of greens and sweets. This side fruit spinach salad is so easy to make! Here is a quick how-to.


  • Fresh fruit (I love strawberries and pineapple)
  • Spinach or other healthy greens


  • Chop up all of your fresh fruit.
  • Make a plate of the greens
  • Add your fruit
  • ENJOY! !

Now for the hardest part for me was the work outs. I have mentioned before that I am not athletic. I am the cheerleader on the sides but you never see me outside playing or getting sweaty. That is just me. I decided to give Couch to 5K a try since it was for people like me! Just as it says, it can get you from your couch to actually fit enough to run a 5k! I am here to say I am not ready for a marathon yet but I feel like I am on my way thanks to this app!

Why do I like Couch to 5k:

  • There are no membership dues.
  • There are no people staring at or judging me.
  • I can do this with my little man.
  • It is ONLY 30 minutes on 3 days a week. (Even as a busy mom, I can fit that in!)
  • It gets me outside in the sun
  • It has a fun trainer that keeps track of everything and helps me during my 30 minute workout.
  • No stopwatch or thinking needed. Just focus on walking and running and the app tells you what to do and when to stop.
I believe these reasons are why I have continued with this program. I love that they realize that there are people like me that are completely out of shape and need gradual guidance to get back on track!
My friend Liza at Views From the ‘Ville is also on this journey and I am sure she would love your encouragement.
If you would like to know more about the Lean Cuisine meals that I am in love with visit the Lean Cuisine WEBSITE , follow @LEANCUISINE on Twitter, Like Lean Cuisine on Facebook, and see the variety packs that I LOVE at Sam’s Club. You can see my shopping trip at Sam’s Club and see more about my daily lunches  here.
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