Painting With Nature: 3 Easy Fall Crafts For Kids

The leaves are falling and the so is the temperature which means it is the perfect time for fall crafts for kids! Get them outside and enjoy the changing of the season. It is educational and also so much fun! This weekend we went out and did some exploring and collecting. There are some really fun things that you can do with kids with the things you find outside!

Nature Painting:

  • Gather items from outside including pinecones, leaves, etc.
  • Make a pallet of different paint colors.
  • Allow the kids to get any of the items and dip it in the paint.
  • On a paper, poster or canvas let them use those items as paintbrushes.

The different shapes and textures will make very unique patterns.

Nature Collage:

This craft comes very naturally after the nature painting above. Take those same items above for this project.

  • Gather the items from outside that you used above for painting. They will be colorful from painting.
  • Use strong glue: we used Elmers Craft Glue
  • One by one place glue on the items and allow the child to arrange them on the paper, canvas, board,etc.

This will create a colorful creation that is full of fall textures.

Rock Painting:

If your kids picked up any rocks on their search around the yard this is the perfect time to use them.

  • Use the remaining paint
  • Get a few small brushes
  • Paint the rocks!

These are all so much fun! Enjoy!