Mission: Master Bathroom Organization Part 1

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it! I am talking about those projects that I keep putting off. In my case it is the things that are the most personal to me. Isn’t that sad! The two rooms that I spend the least time cleaning, organizing and decorating are my master bath and master bedroom. I keep the rooms that people can see when they stop by in nice working order but neglect to do the same to the spaces I spend the most time in. That brings me to my next project:

Mission Master Bathroom Organization

Step 1: Assess your space: your problems and your favorite things.

Oh My! I have teamed up with Apartment Guide for this project. They are great for home and apartment owners! Whether you’re living, looking or moving, Apartment Guide offers tips on how to organize your apartment and make the most of your space on the Apartment Guide blog. They will be my source for ideas for this project. My bathroom seemed large when we moved in but has quickly filled up to seem quite small. I want to make the most of every area and eliminate what is not working.




Step 2: Get a clean slate!

Take it all out! Seriously remove everything and clean every area. Apartment Guide provides a handy apartment cleaning checklist to help revamp your space.That was a huge help in figuring out where to start! My bathroom may be a good size but I think starting with the simple steps helps the most. 17 Cleaning Essentials for Your Apartment was also a huge help! That is where I got the awesome idea to use vinegar and water as a glass cleaner! Who knew?

Step 3: Starting over:

Get trash bags and start filling. I found great tips that suggested after taking everything out of the bathroom throw out what you don’t use! How to Organize Your Bathroom has some great tips for cleaning out and organizing what is left. I love the idea of adding shelves and a lazy susan in the cabinets to maximize the space! I think I will head to the dollar store for containers.

Step 4: Find inspiration:

Inspiration is everywhere! You can find inspiration by talking to your friends, search magazines and look around on Pinterest. Here are my favorite inspirations that I would love to see in the end of this makeover.

Baskets on the walls:

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