My Skin Gets Some Love & Sparkles! My Search For The Perfect Lotion

It happened! They said it would happen but I didn’t believe it. I am talking about getting older and things changing. It has happened! When I turned 30 things slowly started to change with my body. Now that I am in my thirties I can not only feel the changes but see them too. My biggest complaint right now is my skin! It used to be so smooth and healthy looking. Now it is dry, rough and bumpy and it shows. This summer I started using lotion daily. I had no idea where to start looking. All I had to go by what was noted on each bottle. So I choose the one that sounded like exactly what I needed. It was the St. Ives Naturally Smooth lotion. 

Since this was new to me I wasn’t sure what to expect but I began a beauty routine that included my lotion. After my morning shower I would coat my skin with lotion. Then I would end out the day with another full body coat before bed. I was not happy with the residual greasy feel that it left. But I thought maybe this was the way it was suppose to be. That would have been ok except for one other major issue. It only took a couple days for my husband to start making comments about the smell. It smelled like lotion. The funny thing is that lotion smell reminds us both of our moms and grandmas. That was not what I wanted to smell like! That was not what he wanted me to smell like either. Clearly this lotion was not the one for me. It was time for another trip to Walmart. Growing older is not easy!

Shopping for lotion is not as easy as one would think. The lotion aisle alone is overwhelming. I had left the house so quickly that I did not have time to do any research prior to the trip.  That meant I was back to depending on the bottles and signs to tell me what I needed to know. This time I was looking at more than just the information. I wanted something that worked and smelled good. You can see my full shopping trip on Google Plus. There is a lotion for every age and skin type.

I am a frugal person but when it comes to items that my body needs, like lotion, I am less likely to focus on price. I also know that price does not guarantee that the item is high or low quality. So the price was my last factor in this decision. I started with checking out all that brands and the names. Some I knew from experience like Aveeno. That is what my daughter uses for eczema  Lubriderm makes me think of my grandma. Gold Bond always makes me think of jock itch or other fungus.

After deciding which brands to eliminate based on previous experience I started reading and reading some more. I would read the name and the front of the bottles. I wanted to know what is that lotions “specialty”? Some say they are for dry skin, sensitive skin, itchy skin, skin darkening or lightening. Some were easy to eliminate like that ones that offer a darker glow. I am very happy with my white skin. I also could eliminate those for skin issues like eczema or rashes. I knew exactly what I needed from my lotion!

I was in the lotion aisle for about 30 minutes. I can not describe the funny looks that I got but I continued. I had finally narrowed it down to my top 3: Jergens, Olay Total Effects and Olay Shimmering. They each described on the front and back the things I was looking for in a lotion. The Olay Total Effects even lists them specifically and that was what I wanted to see! Each of the 3 mentioned helping dry and rough skin to feel and look more radiant.

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