My Skin Gets Some Love & Sparkles! My Search For The Perfect Lotion

Now it was time to see how they felt and smelled. I really wish that Walmart had lotion testers like the big department stores. I opened each one and smelled the lotion. That made it very easy to eliminate the Jergens. It screamed “I am a lotion!” There was nothing about it that smelled sexy so it was out. After smelling and even putting some of the 2 Olay lotions on I was still at a dead lock. They both smelled great and seemed very smooth! I checked out the price and they were exactly the same! So I did what I had not done up to this point which was read and compare ingredients. I was shocked to see they they both had all of the same top ingredients. In fact most of the ingredients were the same.

It was time to decide and get home. These 2 lotions were identical in every way except for one thing: SHIMMER! Decision made! I wanted the one that would hydrate my skin, smell good, smooth my skin, leave no greasy residue and add some sparkle! 

As my weekend drew to a close I was able to enjoy a nice relaxing bath and follow it up with my new Olay Daily Lotion Plus Shimmer! I was so pleased with my decision! It felt so silky smooth going on my skin. I could feel the hydration which was awesome. I loved how thick it was and yet it dissolved right into my dry skin. It was like a drink for my skin. Once it had dried I could not stop feeling my arms. I know that sounds silly but they were so soft! I could not feel the horrible dry and rough texture that I had before. I realized that  was after only one application which left me very excited about the weeks ahead.

And now for the really exciting parts. Not only did it make my skin amazing but it smelled so delightful. I no longer smelled like our moms or grandmas. I smelled like a girl and it was super sexy! What is even sexier than great smelling, super soft skin? Skin that sparkles! This Shimmering Olay lotion offered the perfect amount of shimmer. It was not so much that it looked like I had bathed in glitter. It was just enough so that when the sun or light would shine on it just right, it would offer a simple sparkle. This mama loves some shine and so this was like a cherry on the top!

WOW what an experience this was. I had no clue how hard it could be to find the perfect lotion. But I feel certain that now, after 30 minutes comparing and reading, I have found my perfect match! So how about you? What do you look for in a lotion? Are you as picky as I am? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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5 comments on this post.
  1. Christy:

    Oh you know I’m all about the sparkles! I’ve rubbed off on you. Good choice and no, lotion shopping is not the easiest thing. There is so much to choose from, it can be maddening.

  2. April:

    I take a lot of time in the lotion aisle myself, love the shimmer lotions too!

  3. janet:

    This is perfect! I am NOT a lotion person, but I know that I need something because the years are showing…not nice! When I think Olay, I think rich fancy lady so to see someone I trust take the time to go thru all of the lotions and then to try it out (god me) then I am now more likely to try this. I think I need a little shimmer in my life, too…

  4. Brandi:

    Love it! I love trying different lotions, that sparkly lotion is awesome! I am going to have to look for it next time I go shopping!

  5. Chelsea @ Someday I'll Learn:

    I am SUPER picky about lotion…I can’t stand how most of it feels! I’ll have to give this a try.

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