How To Make An Easy Halloween Wreath Using Dollar Store Supplies

First let me say that if I can do this anyone can! I only do things that require very little money, time and preparation or clean up. Since fall time is my favorite time of year I tend to get my craft on more than usual. This year I decided to make a halloween wreath using items from the dollar store and Elmer’s items that I had at home! It can be done! The Dollar Store is full of cute decorations and craft supplies this time of year. It is best to go in without a specific theme in mind like ghosts or skeletons because it is unpredictable what you may find. So go in with a open and creative mind! That is what I did and ended up finding lots of spider themed items that worked perfect together! They were also not the colors I had planned but I loved them.

Here is my super easy project and how you can make this halloween wreath. You can substitute any of the items to suite your style!


Dollar Store Items:

  • 1 9ft roll wired 3 in ribbon
  • 2-3 strands of garland
  • 1 bag of plastic spider rings or other small decoration
  • 1 wreath- floral, wicker, christmas (Any kind will work because you will be covering it.)
  • Ribbon or already made door hanger for the top
Items I had on hand:


      1. Apply Elmer’s Quick Dry Glue to the end of  the ribbon and secure the ribbon to the wreath base.
      2. Carefully wrap the wreath base tightly with the ribbon until it is completely covered.
      3. Cut the ribbon and secure the end with the Quick Dry Glue. (You can also use the remainder to create a bow on the bottom)
      4. Apply Elmer’s Quick Dry Glue to the end of the garland and secure the ribbon to the wreath base and ribbon.
      5. Carefully wrap the wreath in the garland. Do not wrap tightly. Allow for room to fluff and decorate.
      6. After loosely wrapping the first garland around do the same with the second garland filling any areas that were missed previously. Again keep the garland loose but fully cover. Any wreath showing will blend because of the ribbon.
      7. Secure all ends with the Elmer’s Glue.
      8. Decorate! Attach the Elmer’s Glue Spots to each item and place them randomly. We used the spider rings and scattered throughout the garland.
      9. For larger items like our large spiders we secured it to the wreath with Elmer’s Designer Tape. It looks nice so you can blend it in with the ribbon and garland
      10. For the hanger you have many options. I found the witch on a broomstick  door hanger at the Dollar Store. I attached that to the top using both the glue and tape. You can also use the ribbon from the base and make a hanger. Secure the hanger with the tape or glue. Both secure nicely! 
      11. Allow to dry for a few minutes (we only waited 15 minutes) and then hang.


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Disclosure: The fabulous people of Elmer’s sent me items to use for DIY projects that I can share with you. No monetary compensation was received. They did not tell me what to write or how to write it. Regardless of connection I only write about things that I support and that will benefit my readers.