Halloween Party Ideas for Adults: Recipes, Games & Wine!


Halloween Party Ideas to Make You the “Ghostess with the Mostess”Halloween Party

Halloween is one of those holidays that is purely for fun for both adults and kids alike, and it’s a great excuse to throw a party. Lolita Healy, a nationally known Celebrations Expert and founder of Designs by Lolita , has some halloween party ideas that will bewitch your guests and keep your party fresh, fun and full of conversation and laughter, so prepare or a wicked good time.

Halloween Sip and See (21 and over)

This party, for those 21 and over, entails a variety of Halloween  stations set up around the house for a total Halloween experience. Here are some examples of stations you can include in your set-up:

Goblin Grappa and Grub the wine and cheese station with appetizers

Serve Malbec and Italian Primitivo to pair with the foods at this station..
Duck Nachos (use orange veggie chips or sweet potato chips), open-faced sliders with blood sauce (special ketchup concoction), mozzarella balls stuffed with green olives (to look like eye balls) and an assortment of stronger cheeses complete the arrangement.

The Wicked Witch Station
In a cauldron, set up your witches potion with dry ice floating its way around the table. The Cast a Spell Grab Bag is a fun party game to incorporate‹each person draws a spell that they have to do at the party. Example: Toil and trouble you are, apologize to the person next to you.

Bobbing for Apples 
This station is all about the apples (clearly)! Have an array of apple-flavored foods, like apples and brie, apple crisp, baked apples and apple-filled doughnuts. You can also set up a bobbing for apples game (do the real thing using small apples, or set up the  clothesline version).

Gooey Gore (this is more of a dessert station)

Serve caramel martinis with caramel garnish (a fun glass to serve them in? My Wicked Witch, the 5th martini glass). Set up a chocolate fondue station  and cake set up (make it creepy-crawly by putting little plastic spiders in the fondue), and set up bowls of jello in Halloween colors like green, orange and currant.

This is just a sampling of ideas, but you can have fun with it and incorporate what you like. Costumes are optional but strongly encouraged!

Below are a few other tricks and treats for a vamped up party:

Hollywood Halloween Party
Have everyone come dressed as a dead celebrity or current if they desire. Have a costume contest and hand out fake oscar like prizes and certificates..

Witches Night Out 
Gather the girlfriends and a limo and head first to a fortune teller, then out on the townŠlet your inner witch shine! Can also be a “Witches Night In” get some wine and watch scary movies from your teen years, like Friday the 13th and the Shining.

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The awesome halloween wine class was provided by Designs by Lolita. Visit her site for  more seasonal wine glasses.

Disclosure: This is a guest post by Lolita Healy, a nationally known Celebrations Expert and founder of Designs by Lolita.

  • Tamara B.

    Fabulous fun ideas for a fun adult party! Love the Serve caramel martinis with caramel garnish!

  • Jennifer Young

    So fun! I’d love to throw a really great Halloween party some day! I like the apple-themed food idea. :)