Build Your Wardrobe on Quality Not Price

When you are building a wardrobe, should you be looking at price or the quality of the item? Remember that you get what you pay for, so if you are going for the lowest prices of every item in your closet, you might be sorely disappointed sooner rather than later. For many items, the quality that you are paying for is entirely worth the extra cost. If you are continually replacing things like shirts, shoes and others, are you really saving money?

Quality Matters: Better Materials and Better Workmanship

Shoes are one area where you cannot afford to go cheap. If you are finding your soles run down and the uppers pulling away after only a few months, then you have wasted your money. If you have to replace your shoes every three to four months because you are buying less than quality, can you really claim that you are saving money at all?

Compare the price of a single pair of quality, mens shoes vs. the cost of several pairs of lower quality shoes and you will see the point. You are spending far more in the long run when you try to go cheap. A leather shoe might cost more at first, but when you are still wearing them and looking good at the end of the year, then you will realize that a great looking wardrobe is an investment and each item must be selected with great care.

There are ways to save money on even quality materials, so look for price savings on things like location rather than on the actual real value.

Longevity: How Long Will This Item Last Me?

When you buy any item, you have to consider how much use you can expect to get out of it. If you want, you can use the number of wears divide into the full price to get an idea of how long the item must last to recoup your investment in it. But, you also have to consider how long the item will actually look good. For an item that will need to be cleaned frequently, the length of actual good use may decrease greatly.

If you are throwing the item in your home washing machine, expect its life cycle to be that much shorter. A dress shirt, for instance, can only be considered a good part of your wardrobe for as long as it is without stains, rips and other flaws. A quality dry cleaner can spot those issues and repair them as part of their overall service.

Consider the ease of caring for your items as well. If you are traveling great distances to drop the items off at a cleaner, then the cost of use will be increased. Even shoes have minor maintenance issues to consider- like replacing laces or applying special protective products to keep the leather from getting scuffed or marred. You might also use products to waterproof your shoes, especially if you live in an area with bad weather.


  • Karen Medlin

    Good Advice, buying quality over price, you will spend less in the long run. I know I am frugal, but I want a product that is going to last and I will spend a few more dollars to have something that I know will not break down. The kids school clothes and winter gear are lasting a way longer and we are able to pass down to younger child as play clothes
    thank You for sharing

  • Kerri

    Good advice! I tend to bargain shop, but if I’m replacing everything frequently, am I really saving? Thanks!

  • Heather Hayes Panjon

    Great Advice! I Always Shop For Clothing I Will Use Often And Put Need First !:)