The Amazing Spider-Man Party and Early Release #SpiderManWMT

Are you as excited as we are about the release of The Amazing Spider-man on DVD November 9? I hope you remember a few weeks back I introduced you to I told you how you could use to see The Amazing Spider-man before it is released on DVD. 

This was my first time using Vudu and Pre-Purchasing a movie from Wal-Mart so I was really anxious to see how it would go. I entered my promo code and we watched the featurettes that were immediately available! YEAH! They were so much fun! Then we had to sit back and wait.

October 30 could not come soon enough! When they day arrived we were so excited but realized we could not watch it until November 1. That was only because it was Halloween time and we had events back to back. So we marked a spot on the calendar for a Spider-Man party on November 1,2013 to watch The Amazing Spider-Man Digital Edition.

I had so much fun setting up for this party! Since it was Halloween time there were lots of great spider ideas out! We love Marketside pizza from Walmart, so I prepared several of those. They are affordable and do delicious! EASY-PEASY!

I was so excited to see that Wal-Mart had Amazing Spider-Man themed Augmented Reality triggers on the pizza box & display pallet, triggering special Amazing Spider-Man experiences on shoppers’ iPhone, iPad or Android in-store. We did that with The Avengers and it was a blast! So we knew exactly what to do with this Marketside Pizza box! We brought a lizard to life on my iPhone!

I can not have a party without sweet treats so I put together some cupcakes and cookies. I had fun setting up all of the Spider decorations! We found these awesome Spider-man plates and napkins that are 3D! YES how exciting is that? We go the 3D glasses and a few packs of the plates and napkins because I knew the kids (and adults) would love that!

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