Follow Your Heart! My Work From Home Journey

Recently I have had many friends ask how to do what I do and work from home. I decided I would write a personal post to give you all a little insight into my journey to “follow my heart.” You can work from home. It is not easy but you can do it!

I started this blog in January 2010 as a way to help me save money, share my money saving tips, search for and share deals and get my life financially in a better place. At this time I was working full time outside the home. I started with NO idea how to blog or what to do! I started with blogger and a free link. I highly recommend this platform for beginners like I was. It is free, easy to customize and easy to learn to blog on. As the months past I started doing blogger reviews. I did not start big! I was reviewing suckers and pencils! REALLY! I was not paid for those reviews. I did them all for free with the products being compensation. As much as I wanted to start the same place as many of the “big” bloggers, it was necessary to start at the bottom. That is how this blogging world works for most of us. I joined groups like Pitch It to Me to help with learning how to pitch and how to do reviews. That became a big passion for me along with posting ways to live on a balance. I learned about and shared ways to coupon.

When 2011 rolled around I was finally at a place where I had stats…good stats. For those who are new to blogging, stats are very important. Every company asks for email follower count, page views, page rank, twitter and facebook pages, etc. After a year of working to build my audience I was there and had stats to share. That was when I discovered that people would pay you to write about and promote their sites. That was a WOW moment for me. Those offers came in along with people who would ask me to post for free. They wanted to use MY audience to promote their product or site . It sounds flattering right? That is what I thought too so I posted a lot of free material and spend hours writing and sharing their information hoping for more to come with those companies. I am sad to say that did not happen. I discovered that many companies use bloggers and have no intention of ever showing appreciation by letting it lead to bigger things.

By this time I had discovered companies that pay bloggers for campaigns. My favorite group was Business2Bloggers and Collective Bias. There are sites that are groups of bloggers and the organization has the sole purpose being to match a blogger up with a campaign that fits a client’s needs. Now if you are new like I was that may seem like a foreign language. So let me explain that campaigns are when a client hires the organization to hire out bloggers to try out, use or just write about their product. They expect the blogger to promote via all social media (Twitter, Facebook,etc.). That is where the stats come in. This was a great new world for me. I really liked working with these groups and learned a lot from them. There are also groups that pay you to post and it works about the same. I used these a lot during 2011 to make $20 here or there. I joined Blog Hops to network and find new followers. At one point I was co-hosting 5 blog hops a week! It was a fun way to get traffic, find blogs, find bloggers, learn and grow.

I shared with my readers how much I wanted to quit my full time job and stay home with my kids. I was so unhappy with my situation. Blogging was fun and brought in lunch money every now and then but that was all. It would not take the place of my current income and I did not know if it ever would. I continued to blog as a way to make a little extra money and to network. It was February on 2011 that I decided to take that leap of faith and quit my job. It was crazy but also a showing of faith in God. I believed it was right for my family and God would provide somehow! I enjoyed days with my kids, did online surveys and I blogged. I continued to dream that it would make a difference in someone’s life and bring in a little lunch money.

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