Party Planning Made Easy at Houston Wine Bar

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Perhaps a hostess would like to throw a birthday bash for her best friend, but her apartment is simply too small. After some thought, she decides to rent a Houston wine bar. That way she’ll not only have space for all of her guests, but she won’t have to worry overly much about a wine list. But where should one start?

Make a List
The hostess should start at least a month before the party.  She should first make a list of the wine bars and call the proprietors. Half a dozen bars should suffice. She should call and ask if there’s enough space for the people she wants to invite and how much the evening will cost. After this, she can narrow her list down to about two or three, and call the proprietors and ask more questions. Do they do their own catering or will the hostess be responsible for it? Do they have a house band or is the hostess responsible for the music? Do they have their own parking lot, or are the guests going to have to park on the street? The hostess and the proprietor of the bar will also want to agree on the type of decor. Will there be balloons and crepe paper streamers? Can the bar supply matching or complementary dinner service? Will the tables have centerpieces? Will there be party favors? The hostess should make sure that the bar can supply all of these accouterments, or figure out if she can supply them herself. It’s ideal, of course, if the bar can supply everything from balloons to curling ribbon to a house band but the hostess should know that these things are going to cost.

Check the Place Out
After the hostess has settled on a wine bar, she should have a face to face consultation with the proprietor. A written contract should be drawn up, understood and signed by both parties. There should be no hidden fees or surprises. Among the things that will need to be stipulated is the menu, the music, the lighting, or any video or still photographers. Since the venue is a wine bar, the hostess and the proprietor should also go over the wine list. Would it be possible for the bar to somehow get their hands on some really high quality champagne that they don’t normally serve? Do they have champagne they reserve for catered events?

Send Invitations
Now that she has the venue nailed down, the hostess can begin to plan the party properly. About three weeks before, she should finalize her guest list and send out invitations with the address of the Houston wine bar and directions on how to get there.

Hopefully, with everything in place, the party will be a hit!

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