A Giving Christmas: Giving Big on a Budget Through Donations & Giving of Your Time

A Giving Christmas: Giving Big On A Budget


There are many ways to give this Christmas that do not require you to spend a dime. Consider the things you can give like your old or un-used clothes, the extra toys, and your time! This time of year is a great time to clean out the toys, closets and even the garage to make room for more things. I think donating items and time can often mean the most to people!

Here are some great ideas to help you with give big on a budget this Christmas.


Organize With Sandy- Donate Your Clutter

Giving to Nursing Homes 

Christmas Caroling- Nursing Homes, Widows, Shut Ins, Hospitals (Call ahead of time for hospital and nursing home rules)

Organize With Sandy- Tips For Donating

Great Tips for Donating 

Volunteering with Charities 

Giving Meals Use what you have to create a warm meal.

Giving to Charities

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Host a Food Drive or Clothing Drive at your Church or School

Donate your time to help: During the cold give of your time and go check on those who can not get out. Check on the pipes of the  elderly. As a new mom if you can pick up something for her. 

Give of your time to service men and women. Stop and give them a thank you and a huge. Maybe even a gift bag of homemade cookies.

Giving to our mail lady.


As a part of our mission to give big on a budget this year we are doing A Giving Christmas series. If you have an idea, post or photo to share please email me livingonloveandcents @ gmail. com. I would love to feature your ideas!