Finish Holiday Shopping & Save With The MasterCard MarketPlace #FinishMyList #cbias

Christmas is almost here! I set a deadline for myself that I would be done with shopping by December 15th and today is the 14th. I am at the end of my budget but still have some people to buy for. I shopped for personal items earlier this week for family. The people left on my list are not family so that will not work. But I still insist that it be something awesome that I get for them. SO what can I get for the teachers and friends left on the list that is awesome, a great price and easy to purchase?  I discovered THE PLACE this week to find just that, The Mastercard Marketplace. I have to share this with you because you will love this too!

MasterCard Marketplace offers an easy and convenient solution with outstanding special offers. Mastercard is the only brand we have in our family. It is on our debit and credit cards. We prefer Mastercard because it is accepted almost everywhere. Unlike the other credit card companies that are often unaccepted at retailers. On the MasterCard MarketPlace you do not have to sign up for anything! You do not have to give a credit card number or connect to any social network. There are no strings attached at all. What the Marketplace does is collect deals, discounts and other special offers from local companies to national online sites. You can find  restaurants, events and stores near you. Or your can choose to look for nationwide offers and discounts.

First, I put in my zip code to find deals near me. I was taken to a page with amazing deals just for me. The first deal was for a restaurant that we love! $4 for $10 at Las Ramadas Mexican Grill. I thought about the people that live near me that would enjoy and appreciate a gift card to a local restaurant, beauty shop or sporting event.

MasterCard MarketPlace 2

Next, I narrowed by category. I did that to help me find gifts. I found gifts from an Old Navy gift card, discounts on yoga classes, discounts on restaurants, beauty treatments and so much more! You can find discounts to many of your favorite stores which means you can stretch your dollars at Christmas. I came across a $100 voucher for only $44 to shop at iShopNation where the buyer can find everything they need for your iPod, iPhone, iPad and Macbook. That would be an amazing gift! I also browsed the kid’s category and found deals on books and educational items.

MasterCard MarketPlace kidsYou can save so much time by finding all your daily deal site offers on one site. Rather than taking time to visit all of the daily deal sites you can see the top ones here.

If you are planning a trip start on the Mastercard MarketPlace. When you click on travel and hospitality you will be taken to a list of discounts and offers.

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