How To Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Posted on Dec 14 2012 - 10:38pm by Heather Brummett



Making snow flakes from coffee filters

I have never come across a kid that doesn’t like to cut out snowflakes. Folding the paper just right can be such a pain in the rear though! If they are not the best at lining up their edges, the kids can be really disappointed when their snowflake doesn’t come out right. The easy way to combat that is by using coffee filters instead of regular paper. It’s already round, it’s easy to fold and the kiddies can easily cut through it with safety scissors.  My girls are always so excited by this craft, and I was excited to see them make so many beautiful coffee filter snowflakes for us to use around our house as decorations.



Simply fold the coffee filter in 1/2 like a taco, the into thirds. Fold over one more time and you are ready to cut! Cut out your desired shapes and unfold to reveal your beautiful snowflake. Paper snowflakes are addicting. You make one and then you make another and then another. Before you know it, you have a whole pile of them and you don’t want to throw them away, but what to do with that many snowflakes? Here are some of my most favorite ideas:

  • Hang them from string or fishing line in front of your windows or off of a stair handrail.
  • Use your snowflakes as package tie-ons.
  • Hang them from a light fixture (the first picture in this post is of our dining room light fixture)
  • Use them to decorate your tree.
  • Use cupcake papers to make small snowflakes and attach them together like a paper chain.
  • Use the snowflakes to decorate a wreath.

If you’d like to make the project even more interesting, you can have your kids color the coffee filters with markers before you cut them out. Or, they can color the coffee filters and you can lightly spray the filters with water to watch the colors combine and spread.  What a great opportunity to have a lesson in color blending! After the filters have dried overnight, they could be cut into snowflakes and used in any of the ways above. The snowflakes could be covered in glue and glitter, small sequins could be applied…there are just so many ways to make this project a fun and functional Christmas project with your kids.

Can you tell that I really love this time of year? Oh my gosh, I just love it!! Do you have any ideas for using snowflakes that I missed?

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