The Scale Moved! Nutrisystem Week 2 Update #NSNation #samp

I completed my second week on Nutrisystem. I told you I would be honest. So here is the scoop. Week 2 has been hard for me!

 1)I have been faced with a lot of temptation. I have stayed strong. I realize it will get even harder as the holidays approach! But each day I get a little stronger and more disciplined!

 2Training my mind and body to eat differently has been challenging. Before starting Nutrisystem I did not eat on a schedule and when I did eat it I choose unhealthy items. I would grab whatever was quick and easy. Usually those snacks included chips, peanut butter, soda, etc. Now I am training myself to eat on a proper schedule. I can still eat quick and easy foods thanks to the Nutrisytem plan. The BIG DIFFERENCE is that these are healthy choices. I can grab a chocolate bar on the way out the door in the morning and feel GOOD about it! I am eating more often. I am using the Nutrisystem app to help me record my meals and be conscience about when to eat.

Over all I think I am doing well. This “training period” is hard but VERY necessary! Once I have gotten through this period I am sure it will be easier. Years of eating poorly take time to reverse.

Now for a weekly weigh in! I still can’t believe I am sharing this weight with the world. But it is the ONLY way you can hold me accountable. Again I am trying to be honest with everyone while on this journey. So here we go…



Starting Weight: 208 (OUCH!)

Weight on 12/15/12 Week 2: 205

Weight Loss 3 POUNDS! YEAH

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