“At Least He Is Wearing Pull Ups!” Celebrating Steps In Potty Training #HuggiesWalmart #Cbias

Those are words I never thought I would say! My son, who is 3, is still in the process of potty training. I am now at the point where I am PROUD that he is wearing pull ups! Just last week when someone said “Is he still wearing diapers? He is not trained yet?” I turned to them and this flew out of my mouth:

“At least he is wearing pull ups.”

Why on earth would a mom be bragging and proud that their child is in Pull Ups? Well I will tell you why. After months of trying and trying my son is finally ready to learn to go potty. When we reached this milestone we could switch from the standard diapers to pull ups. For me this was a huge step up. This meant that he would have more independence when using the potty. This is a HUGE step closer to real underwear. I was proud!

Price: What I’ve Learned

After 3 solid years of diapers I can say I have tried them all. I’ve tried the store brands, the cheaper brands and the expensive brands. I have discovered that Huggies are the most reliable and affordable. I get Huggies coupons in the mail and online and considering how much better they hold up they are the best buy for my budget. When you combine the coupons and the Walmart Rollback price for Pull-Ups Training Pants that is available in-store and online you can guarantee a perfect price. When you are buying as often as I am the price is HUGE! I buy a pack a week so I have to have affordable and reliable brands. I can tell many stories about trying off brands and ending up with horrible messes! It is not worth it! You want and need quality!

Pull-Ups = Independence

My oldest is now 6 and she was a breeze to train. We actually went from diapers to panties! So this world with my son was brand new. It has been frustrating and exhausting! There have been many days when I thought I would be changing diapers forever. I decided that had to change! I was fed up with cleaning up bottoms and changing wet diapers! When he started wearing Pull Up Training Pants it did help. He had a new found freedom. He was now able to stand up like Daddy and pull down pants like Daddy too. The smile was awesome to see and it really helped with encouraging him to try. This was a turning point for us! Huggies Training Pants helped us turn a major corner!

The Next Step

A week ago I decided I wanted to take the next step. I took little man to Walmart with me and told him about the NEW plan! Starting this week he was going to wear Pull Up Training Pants at night time ONLY! It was time to step it up and wear real underwear. At Walmart I let him pick out a special poo-poo seat. He was excited to pick out a sear just for him. Mickey Mouse was the winner.
As with any training with a young kid you need an incentive or prize. I highly recommend finding something that works for your child. It is Christmas time and my little man is crazy about candy canes so that is what I decided on. As soon as we got home and while he was still excited I showed him his potty training tools and explained it again. This was everything we needed to finally get him trained.

What’s Now?

We will continue to use Pull Ups until he masters the day time can hold it at night. But until then I am still proud to say “At least he is wearing Pull-Ups.”
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  • Karen Medlin

    Nice idea for him to pick out his own potty seat cover.. Good Luck on the training! I will be starting next year sometime.!

  • Sounds like you have a great plan! Best of luck with the potty training!