Last Minute Christmas Deal: Call from Santa, Text From Santa & Catch Him On Camera

There is still time for your kids to hear from Santa! Here are some great ideas I found online that are still available! 

Get a credit on Totsy for personalized text messages from Santa Claus from All messages are guaranteed to be fun, friendly and enjoyable for people of all ages. The texts are personalized and will countdown to Christmas, engage kids in fun Christmas activities, and describe what Santa and his team of elves and reindeer have been up to that day. With, your child will receive daily updates from Santa Claus himself, getting him or her extra excited for Christmas!

With iCaughtSanta, you can create digital proof that Santa Claus does exist and that he came to your home! For $10 on Totsy, you’ll get four custom images and videos of Santa Claus from (a $24.98 value).You can even let Rudolph the Reindeer join in on the fun — find fun poses of Santa and Rudolph, Rudolph in the snow, and more! You’ll also receive animated videos with Santa exploring your photos! How fun!

For $3.50 on Totsy, you’ll get a $7 credit to Surprise your little one this Christmas with a personalized phone call from Santa Claus himself! With, you can create a personalized phone message with your child’s name, location, and Christmas wish list, as well as a sender’s name and relationship (Mom, Dad, etc.). Parents can even enlist a little help from Santa with over 50 special message selections, including friendly reminders to “Be Good!” and “Make your bed!”

All available right now here.