Creating an Organized School Lunch Station


I am someone who takes the first few weeks of the new year to get myself re-organized.  I enjoy this time and I look forward to it.  Taking down all the Christmas decorations and deep cleaning the entire house is time consuming but really needed after the holidays.  I admit to being a Type A person to the core.

It may not be the first of the school year but it is the first of a New Year and I wanted to share with you some tips on creating an Organized School Lunch Station.  If you are like me, spending nearly $3 per child on school lunches seems crazy so we take the extra time each day to prepare a lunch from home.  Having everything you need together in one location helps to make the process go a little more smoothly.  Also, if your kids are old enough to prepare their own lunch, they will know right were everything is located. 


Things that are included in our Lunch Station:

1. Baggies for sandwiches, crackers, etc.

2. Napkins or wet wipes

3. Sandwich cutter

4. Apple cutter

5. Disposable Forks and Spooons

6. Lunch Box Jokes

7. Treats



Keeping disposable silverware in your lunch station will help ensure that you don’t forget to send a spoon for the pudding or a fork for the salad. 


More school lunch ideas for kids. My boys LOVE jokes in with their lunch.  They end up reading them to their friends near them.  I have printed out several jokes, laminated and placed them on a ring so that I can use them multiple times. 


My oldest son who is in fourth grade no longer likes his sandwich to look like a Dinosaur but my first grader still thinks it’s pretty cool so have the sandwich cutter in our lunch station is still a necessity. 


My boys also look forward to finding a little treat in their lunch, it is usually a little piece of candy that they call their “dessert”.  Sometimes I surprise them with cupcakes or their favorite cookies too. 


What tips do you have for making school lunch preparations run more smoothly?