Top 5 New Year Guarantees

As well as all of those things that we are guaranteed to say to ourselves, there are a number of other things that are almost certain to happen at some stage in January.

We looked at the top five New Year guarantees.

I’m Bored

Truth is, if you have managed to get to January without your children complaining that they are bored with their new toys, then you are doing well. Unfortunately, you probably aren’t going to have the money to buy them yet more playtime activities come January, so you may just have to come up with inventive ways of playing for your child to enjoy.

Don’t feel too bad about the Christmas presents you bought, either, it’s a child’s nature to get bored quickly!

Gym Memberships

Managers of public gyms around the world will be rubbing their hands together, knowing what is coming in January.

You may have taken out a gym membership in the past, then regretted it a week later when you gave up on your promise to yourself. Notice how monthly plans aren’t offered so much in January, and the focus is on the entire year instead.

Sensationalized Reporting

Okay, so the mass media of the world sensationalize a lot of stuff anyway. However, you just know that in the final week of January there is going to be some scary report telling us that a particular day is the most depressing of the year, that the economy will lose a huge sum due to unhappy people calling in sick, and that there is nothing left to live for.

At least until a couple of days later, when you get paid for the first time in weeks.

Ignoring Relatives

Remember that distant relative you saw over Christmas, and promised to keep in touch with throughout the year? Well, they are now trying to talk to you on Facebook, but you were only saying that and hoping they’d forget, wouldn’t you?

Serves you right for having a drink with unfamiliar people!


Finally, after everything, we will realize that nothing has changed. While some will live in denial for a little longer, others will look forward to the next New Year and promising themselves yet another fresh start.

This article was written by A Girl for All Time. A Girl for All Time provides a range of Christmas gifts for girls, including award-winning dolls, novels, and keepsake books, which will ensure they are not bored with their new toys come mid-January.