Playing With Pudding: Game For Kids

pudding4This week I was searching for ways to entertain my son without having to get out of the house. The weather has been very nasty. I turned to the kitchen for ideas. That is where I came up with this really fun, tasty, safe and cheap game for kids. Here is how you can do it too!

Pudding and Cereal Tic Tac Toe:



    • Pudding (We had chocolate but any will work)
    • Cereal for the x and o. (We used 2 colors of fruit loops)
    • A plate or tray
    • Plastic Utensils

(Please note that these are what I had on hand. You could easily do this with other food items. )

How To Play:

Spread out the pudding – Use a finger or spoon to smooth it outpudding 2

Use and finger or utensil to make a tic tac toe board.



pudding 5


pudding 3

Make a mess! It’s ok! You can lick your fingers when your done.

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