Indoor FREE Fun! The Five Senses Mad Lib Activity

It’s January….it’s cold outside here, the weather is almost always wet and there just isn’t a lot of outside play time.  We have to make our own fun during this dreary month. Being a homeschool mama, I’m always looking for fun ways to add learning to our everyday and these 5 Senses Mad Libs are a great activity for the kids. If they can talk to you, they can play!

What You Will Need:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Crayons
That’t it! It really couldn’t be easier. On your sheet of paper you will write the phrase:
Mary Mouse went for a walk. She saw the most beautiful ______. As she got closer she could hear it _______. She got closer so she could touch it. She was surprised to find out that it felt ______!  She couldn’t help herself, so she reached down and licked it. She jumped back in surprise because it tasted like _______ and she found out that it smelled like______ too. The _(sight answer)_ must not have liked her to lick it because it let out a big loud ______. Mary Mouse decided she better leave the little thing alone and hurried away on her walk.  
You will ask the child to name something they have seen, heard, tasted, touched and smelled and fill in the blanks. Read the story to the child after it’s filled in and watch them giggle and laugh :)
We have gotten some of the funniest answers from the kids. To take it a step farther, I have had them draw the item that they described to me. We have been having a blast with this today and it’s taken the edge off of having cabin fever.
  • As a teacher and as a mom, I have played this for years. It’s even great for older kids and teens. It teaches parts of speech (something many middle schoolers don’t even know, observation skills and creativity. I like to create MadLibs geared toward a specific audience (ie. First Day at Carwise Middle School), an activity (the Best Swim Meet Ever), a holiday (Rewrite ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas!) or a celebrity. It’s a wonderful family activity!