Surprise Your Mate With a Breakfast Date (Featuring Starbucks Coffee!) #DeliciousPairings #cbias

In our home mornings are crazy!  An average morning consists of my sweet husband getting up really early and getting ready and having breakfast alone. He leaves the light on for me but I sleep for about 30 more minutes. Moms need every moment we can get right? When I wake up he has long gone. I start my coffee, wake up the kids, bathe one kid (she will on bathe in the morning), dress the kids, feed the kids, find the shoes, find the backpacks, check all the homework and notes were signed, go back and discover my coffee is cold so I pop it in the microwave, bundle up the kids, grab the lunch and backpack and head outside to wait for the bus. This is typical assuming that there are no major emotional breakdowns that day! Once the bus comes I come in to find my coffee is cold again! I warm it up once more and finally sit down and enjoy for about 30 seconds before my 3 year old starts yelling “Mommy!”

Last week I had a brilliant idea! Wake up early and enjoy HOT coffee with my husband before the kids start the crazy day! It would be so awesome to start the day with my husband. I would call this a breakfast date! Any time we have alone these days is considered a date!

I took off to Wal-Mart to find the perfect breakfast date items. I was heading to the bakery section where they have the best muffins and donuts ever! A few steps into the section I was stopped in my tracks! It was as though they knew I was coming! I saw this:

YES! That is Starbucks coffee display! The above picture is one I shared on Instagram. This display was created for moms just like me that need a little extra help. This display featured 3 styles of Starbucks coffee: It also went into detail on the flavors of the coffees to determine which is right for you. But the awesomeness continued as it featured which bakery items each coffee paired well with. This pairing is known as a Delicious Pairing! I decided on the Medium House Blend. Starbucks’ ground house coffee is a balanced medium roast blend with a nutty flavor and a hint of sweet cocoa. According to the display complimentary flavors for the Starbucks House (Medium) Blend  are Nuts, Apples, Blueberries. That made the next part easy! I picked up the last box of The Bakery at Wal-Mart Banana Nut Muffins on the shelf.

You all know how much I love coffee! In fact I post 1 picture each day of my cup of coffee. It is my small pleasure each day! So once I got home I was ready for a cup and decided to try my Starbucks House Medium Blend. I enjoyed it without the muffin as those were for our special date. I have to say this coffee blend rocks! I noticed the bold yet sweet flavors. It had a nice rice and smooth taste to it. It is exactly what I would expect from Starbucks! However this cup costs much less and I can enjoy it at home!

Date Time!

The next morning I was like a kid on Christmas morning! I got up with my husband got breakfast ready for him. Let me remind you this never happens so I knew he would be shocked! When he went to start his cereal I surprised him with a cup of coffee and a warm banana nut muffin. We enjoyed a fabulous breakfast date laughing and talking.IMG_4678

Lots of laughing!


It was the perfect way to start the day! I loved spending time alone with my husband AND I enjoyed HOT coffee! I decided to add a little something extra to my coffee to make it even more like the coffee house coffee. I topped it in whip cream and sprinkled on some nuts. YUM!

I shared this photo on Instagram that day:


Was it a Delicious Pairing?

Oh yes it was! It was actually really amazing! I asked my husband for his thoughts over breakfast. He drank the coffee alone and loved the bold taste. After enjoying a bite of the muffin and another sip of coffee he said it really brought out the flavors! He noticed the banana in the muffin really stood out more when paired with the coffee. IMG_4687

I had to agree! Since I had enjoyed a full cup the day before I knew the taste of the House Blend alone. When I paired it with the banana nut muffin from Wal-Mart’s Bakery they both tasted better. I noticed more of a nutty taste to the coffee that I had not noticed before. WOW! They were right! This combination does bring out the flavors. I must say that all these years of enjoying coffee I had no idea that a pairing of something like that could complement the flavors!IMG_4710

I am so excited I saw that Starbucks display! I wish I had known about these complementary pairings before. But now that I do I am going to try it with all of the House Blend flavors. I am also going to make it a point to do a breakfast date with my husband at least once a week. It made my day so much better.I was ready for the day when it was time to get the kids up and ready. My husband was one happy guy that day! It was a wonderful experience for us both. You should try it!

You should also try the Starbucks House (Medium) Blend or try Light or Dark according to your preference. Also, try pairing it with something that complements the flavors, like the banana nut muffins.

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