My Favorite Homeschool Resources


I am relatively new to homeschooling, we are in our 3rd “official” year, but one thing I know is that the amount of information out there about resources, websites and homeschool curriculum places can be overwhelming. I want to share with you some of my very favorite online homeschool resources. This is just a sampling of the sites available out there, but they are the ones I use most frequently and the ones that I have found to be reliable time after time. You can use these to supplement your existing curriculum or to create your own, custom curriculum. These are mostly geared towards the younger levels because my kids are in the lower grades, but a few of them have resources for older kids as well. Bookmark these sites and use them as rewards, over the summer to retain what your kids have learned through the year or just to add to your homeschool day. Enjoy!

Homeschool Resources

Starfall is one of my most favorite places online. It’s a free, easy to use early reading program that can help teach your child their letters, help to read and make a new reader a better reader. There are fun games and learning opportunities that all of my kids love. One of the best places I have found for learning to read online.

Progressive Phonics is another great free resource.  It’s another reading program that is fun and easy to use. There are also handwriting worksheets that go along with the books and lessons that work together so well. This is another really nice resource for pre-, beginning or even struggling readers. I’m a big, big fan of this site.

Amazing HandWriting Worksheets This one is really neat! You can pick the size of the lines on the paper, the font and then you can custom make any worksheet you want or need. I like to make them for our spelling words and since I make a custom list every week this makes a lot more sense than using a pre-made worksheet. I especially like that I can make worksheets for all of my grade levels in one place and it’s so easy.

Currclick  has so many downloads for every grade level, on every subject matter and it ranges in price with a lot of freebies thrown in. I’ve gotten a lot of really great lapbooks, unit studies and extras just for fun. Definitely worth taking the time to check out!

Homeschool Freebie of the Day is just what it sounds like, a new freebie every day. I signed up with my email so that I get an email digest sent to me with the weeks worth of freebies inside. This helps me decide what I want to download and what I want to pass on for the week. Occasionally, they have special sales- last year we got over 100 old time radio shows to download and they only cost us $11.00! We have hours of wholesome listening and hardly paid anything for it. Another homeschool resource gem!

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett  Unit studies that cover subjects from Chocolate to Bread to Africa and everything in between. They are inexpensive and the range of topics to choose from are great. Additionally, Amanda hosts co-ops on her Facebook page for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter that are a lot of fun to participate in.