Real Mommy Moments: A Boy, Nail Polish, Glitter, Confusion and Sleep

Real Mommy Moments

Last night was special and so we went out with the whole family to eat. This does not happen very often especially on weeknights. But it was awesome and we had a blessed evening. But when we got home there was so much more excitement in store for us. Bed time had been pushed way back since we went out and the kids were more hyper than usual because of all the fun. As a result bedtime was a challenge. But once we felt like they were down for the night I decided to put off work till morning and go relax before bed. My husband stayed up to watch tv (that is how he relaxes).

I guess about an hour had past and I had fallen asleep when the light flashes on and my husband walks in clearly upset about something. As I was trying to figure out what was happening and if I was awake or asleep I hear him telling me something about my son. I must have fallen asleep hard because I was really in a fog. Finally I snapped out of it and realized this was not a dream and something was wrong. From the sound of my husband it was something terrible. I jumped out of bed and asked him to start over and tell me what happened. He says in a very angry voice “Come look at your son”. I heard him and thought oh dear. Now he is MY son, not OUR son. All these thoughts start running through my head! Had he climbed up on something and gotten hurt? Was he sick? But I was still a bit confused as I thought he was asleep!

Next thing I know my sweet boy is standing beside my bed. (Yes I was still in bed) I was relieved to see he was not bleeding or crying and appeared to physically be ok. SO what was the problem? My husband tells him to “Show Mommy!” That is when I saw this my little man with a smirk and a big purple mark across his face. Oh and the smell! Then I saw the hands and feet!

YEP! Even in my half asleep state I knew what had happened. I still didn’t know the “HOW” but I knew “WHAT”. He was covered in nail polish and glitter. I had rubbed my eyes until they were clearly not causing me to see things and took a closer look. The little man had tried to paint his toes!

OK at this point I wanted to burst into laughter! There I was thinking I had to pull it together for a trip to the ER or something equally as horrible. Instead I am still sitting in bed looking at my son covered head to toes in nail polish!

I composed myself and asked him to show me what happened. He takes my hand with his puppy dog eyes and leads me to his room where I found more nail polish on the carpet. At this point I was really still concerned with where did it come from and where was it now? My husband was too hot to get answers and I was holding back my laughter with every ounce of my being. He lead me to my daughters room where he shows me her little gift bag she had gotten from a party last week. He had actually gone in there and gotten the glitter gloss and purple nail polish, it used it and put it back when he was done. Ok tell me as a mom you do not see where I am coming from by finding all the things he did right here?

I finally understood what had happened. I may never understand why he was out of bed and felt the need to do this. All I could do was keep composure and explain why this was not ok (let me count the reasons). Then I changed his clothes and put him to bed. The mess would wait till morning. I went to my room and burst into laughter!

So this morning I cleaned him and floors as best I could. I still am not clear where all the glitter came from but that is hard to remove! I discovered my daughter used the last of my nail polish remover the last time she did nails. Of course she did! Silly me!

I took pictures this morning so I could remember these moments forever! Oh this son of mine! That is my real story for the week. What is yours?