Look & Feel Beautiful Day or Night With These Expert Beauty Solutions #BeautyScoop #cbias

I set up all of my new items and started tring them out!

Do you ever feel like just yesterday you were a vibrant, young and hot teenager and today you dread looking in the mirror? Where did time go? As life happens and we go through the seasons of life our routines and priorities change. As a work from home mom many days I stay in my comfy sweats with a ponytail and no make up all day. Sounds glamorous right? Occasionally I will shower and put on “real clothes” before my husband gets home but only if time allows it. It’s sad.

Last week I had a unique opportunity to meet with a Beauty Consultant at Wal-Mart. Did you know that they have Beauty Consultants? Me either? The girl at my store was actually a model named Lena. But she was not what you think of when you think model. She was a normal girl with tips for normal people like me! She has a daughter my daughters age and could totally relate to the stay at home days in sweats and ponytails. She even helped my daughter come up with a science fair idea! This girl was awesome!

She shared some tips with me that I told her I would share with you. You will be amazed too! To get the full #BeautyScoop check out the Google Plus Story. IMG_5903[1]

Simple Beauty Solutions:

Problem #1: I have no idea what to use to clean my face. I told her that when I do wash my face at night I use an anti aging product and showed her the one I used. I knew I didn’t have wrinkles but I wanted a bright glow like I used to have. So what is the right thing to use?

Solution: I was using the wrong product. Even as frugal as I am I had spent more on a product that I didn’t need. She showed me a product by Olay that would be perfect for my thirty something year old skin to give it a glow. She asked if I used a rag or hands to wash and when I said hands and showed her my quick routine she said “oh no”! So told me about this little battery operated brush that comes with the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System. This was half the price of the wrong cleaner I was using. SOLD!

Problem #2: How do I keep it bright and young looking?

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