How To Update A Table With A Plaid Design Using Paint

how to paint plaid

Recently I found these side tables at garage sales. They were both $5 and I just knew I could make them look nice again. Since we have all new colors in the living room this was the perfect time. I really wanted something unique for the family area. For the large table I wanted to try a “plaid design” on the top. I can not find the picture of the tables before the primer. (Sorry) Here is how easy it was to create the plaid look using paint.

Prime with White Spray Primer


I used a Valspar tester paint from Lowes in the blue shade that matches the family room. I also got a complimentary brown tester paint and an “opps” orange that I found at Lowes for $2.50! It was the perfect orange shade that I wanted. I really think they will look great together. IMG_5143

I painted it the blue color.


After the table was dry I taped off two rows on the top and painted those orange.

After the orange dried I removed the tape. I put down new rows using the tape going the other direction and painted those two brown.


Next I taped off three more rows. Here is a closer look at how I taped each row.


At this point I started alternating colors. So I did two orange and one brown as you can see below.


Continue doing this alternating colors and directions. The paint dried very quickly so this did not take very long. I highly recommend the painters tape for a clean line.


Do the alternating until you reach the desired look. This was exactly what I was hoping for.


It looks amazing in the family area. Perfect for my reading chair. IMG_5457