How to Transform An Ugly Dresser With Paint & How To Paint A Zebra Design

zebra print

This is a project that I am very excited to share with you! Have you ever wondered how to transform an old dresser? I found this dresser on the curb read for trash pick up. Can you believe that? I love finding treasures on the side of the road! This dresser was in bad condition and very ugly but all the pieces were there. I saw major potential so I loaded it in the car and brought it home.


The previous owner added some artwork. Smile

zebra 4

I knew that I wanted to do a zebra print on it for my daughter’s room. I was scared to try the zebra design. I was so afraid I would do it wrong. I did some searching on Google for how to paint a zebra design and realized that they are all a little different. You really can’t go wrong with this. So I got to work.

What I used:

  • 1 can gloss Watermelon Spray Paint
  • 4 cans gloss Black Spray Paint
  • Sand Paper
  • Cleaner of choice and rag
  • white paint
  • sponge brush (I used 1 inch)

First I had to clean this dresser up and then sand it down.

zebra 5

Once sanded it was ready! I decided to do the drawers in the Watermelon color and the body of the dresser in black. I did 2 coats of spray paint on all of the dresser.

zebra 3

zebra 2

The next day I got out some white paint and a sponge brush. I started to paint a zebra design. I slowly painted the stripes using the large foam brush. Again there is no wrong way to do this. I ended up going back over the stripes once more for a total of 2 coats.

After it was completely dry I went over it with a spray sealer.

EASY! And we LOVE it!


Here is a before and after. What do you think?

Transform A Dresser

  • What a great way to repurpose your dresser! I am co-hosting the pinterest party this week and am adding this to my board. I would love for you to connect with me on Pinterest (@lovenerdmaggie) and take a look at some of my own projects (

  • That turned out great! I love seeing “trash to treasure” transformations!

  • Renea

    Awesome idea. This dresser looks very chic. You probably couldn’t purchase it for less than $500.