SoFabCon = So Much Education & So Much Fun! #SoFabCon #cbias

The past week I had the joy of visiting Arkansas and attending SoFabCon. This was the first Blogger Conference for Collective Bias. Let me tell you it felt like they had been doing this for years! Here are some of the highlights of this incredible trip.#cbias #SoFabCon

I was able to visit and work out of the Collective Bias office.


I am a member of the cbSocially Team. I work daily with these very talented people. I was able to meet my co-workers face to face and felt like we had known each other for ever! These ladies are incredible! #SoFabCon #cbias @cbsocially

I met many of my online friends as well. That was an AMAZING FEELING!

#SoFabCon #cbias

The awesome people of Collective Bias are as wonderful in person as they are online!

Bloggers stayed in the hotel that the conference was being held out. The Embassy Suites was beautiful and accommodating! It was so nice having the conference in the same place that we were staying!

We met and talked with the Brands! Collective Bias wanted to bring bloggers and brands together. It was an amazing opportunity.

There were sessions for Business / Brand Representatives as well as Bloggers. The awesome thing was there was something for everyone. Bloggers were welcome to join the Brand session and Brands could visit the Blogger session.


Some of the incredible speakers were:


What did I learn?Here are some of the biggest things I took away from the sessions:

  • Photography- Know your style and make images reflect that.
  • Twitter – Always follow back and ENGAGE!
  • Community – Know your audience! Reach them where they are!
  • Finding Balance – Make office hours and stick to them. Know what your are worth and stick to that. View your blog as your business if it is indeed that! Make time for your family and/or friends when you can be 100% present!

We also had a LOT of fun!

We enjoyed a cocktail party the first night to “break the ice.” This was were I met many of my blogging friends and coworkers for the first time in “real life”. We had a night of 80’s themed bowling. We had a Birthday Party for Collective Bias. HAPPY BIRTHDAY #cbias!

I am excited for the next SoFabCon and what the next year holds for Collective Bias. I have said it before but I will say it again that Collective Bias offers something that no other network offers— Support! We have a community called Social Fabric and it is just like a FAMILY! My dearest blogging friends are in this group. I met them through Social Fabric. I am so thankful to be a part of this supportive family!

If you are hearing of Collective Bias or Social Fabric for the first time please visit them and learn more about Shopper Marketing and Blogger Support. You can sign up for Social Fabric HERE. Please understand that they are selective about their members so if you do not qualify now please try again. Feel free to contact me for tips or advice on how to reach the level that they desire. I want everyone to experience this amazing blogger community! Oh yea…They also have amazing blogger opportunities that will help you earn an income as a blogger! WOOHOO! It is seriously the best!

Thank you Collective Bias for an amazing experience at SoFabCon!



  • Seriously was so fun to meet you and the rest of our team! You are absolutely a ray of sunshine everywhere you go. This was an amazing conference and I hope to have the pleasure of going back every year!

  • So great to hear about the event and how much fun it was! I look forward to meeting you at a conference soon!

  • Thank you for sharing your experience! I really wanted to go but could not. Sounds like a lot of fun. I love working with CB!

  • It was great at SoFabCon! I got lots of info and am inspired to move my writing from a community blog site with other writers and to my own site, so I have more control and can be true to myself.

  • Amy

    Queue the music…
    ♪ I…had…the time of my life! ♫

  • Heather, I had a wonderful time, too! It was so great to see your incredibly beautiful smiling face, and give you a hug! Same place, same time, next year! :-)

  • It really was so much fun! Nice to meet you!

  • I was so glad to meet you! You are so fun. Hope to get to know you better. :)