Amazing cookie dough brownies

Warning: This is an amazing dessert that does my qualify as a healthy treat. But we splurged last week and discovered something incredible!

What you need:

2 packages of brownie mix
Ingredients to make the brownie mix
1 package cookie dough
(I am sure you could make both from scratch. That is just not how we roll. )
9×13 dish

1. Combine brownie ingredients as directed.
2. Pour half of the mixture in the dish.

3. Open the cookie dough. We used the precut piece that made it super easy.
4. Space out the cookie dough pieces in on top of the brownie mixture.
5. Spread remaining brownie mixture over the top of the cookie dough. Cover as much as possible.

6. Bake according to brownie mix instructions times 2. (Since you are using 2 mixes)
7. Let cool
8. Enjoy!