How to make a Puppet (printable instructions)

This Instructographic is a great visual guide to help your kids make their own colorful hand puppets.

How to make a puppet
Puppet making can be a great activity for families, schools and nursery groups, and is great for inspiring a young child’s imagination.

Kids are their most imaginative at a young age, so the more fun-filled crafty activities you can provide them with, the more chance there is for them to develop their creative artistic flair.

Customising puppets is probably the most fun part of the process, and can provide hours of fun. Smiley faces, wiggley eyes, funny hairstyles and silly outfits are a plenty with endless crazy possibilities. The excitement on kids’ faces when playing with puppets is the main reason why puppet-making has always been one of my favourite activities with my kids.

This guide is taken from the Hope Education Puppet Creation Pack and uses pre-cut puppet shapes, yarn and plastic rounded needles.

Kylie Thompson is a nursery teacher based in South London who loves to inspire children’s imagination.