The Judgement of a Work at Home Mom


I shared how I am working to find balance in being a work at home mom. When I was coming up with my list to help balance work and life I started thinking about another word: judgement.

When you work from home you have certain people who so not “get it”.

We really work! We work hard!

When I started working full time on my site and was making a monthly income I started sending my youngest to preschool. I really contemplated over this! To my surprise it was great for us both! For a few hours a day I could focus on my work and he could play and learn! Then i could spend the rest of the day making it all about him. People would say things to me and i knew they were judging me. It seemed like they thought I was sitting at home playing all day and made someone else watch my child.

Oh the guilt! Why are we so hard on each other? A mom working outside the home would not be made to feel this way! People would know she was doing what she had to. Of corse she could not have her child at work with her.

I work hard to make time for my friends but I can not get out as much as other stay at home moms. I have work hours–I have blocked in work hours. I have meetings, deadlines and daily tasks that must be attended too. Some people will never understand how we do what we do or why we do what we do.

But as a work at home mom we must remember that we are amazing! We have found  a way to pursue our passions and career while also have flexible and quality time with our kids. That may mean that friends come further down on the list. Or maybe you need new friends who respect what you do.

As I said in the article about finding balance, we have to make priorities. Is what others think about you important? Are your friends important? Do you need to make time each week that is just for nourishing those relationships? If so then do that! Start it now! If those people are bringing you down and will never understand… Then let it go!

Be ok with what you are doing. Be PROUD of what you are doing! Don’t let the harsh words of others make you feel like less of a mom because you are doing it all!

Judge less! Love more! Keep up the awesome work of being a mom who does it all!


  • This is such an encouraging post! I think many of us working mamas feel guilty sometimes, and it’s important to remember that we are not failing our children if we aren’t with them every second of the day. Besides, we are being good examples for them by working! I know my daughter likes to pretend that she’s working just like me!

  • Love the post. It’s one of those needs-to-be-said things. We are all adults and, as such, should know that everyone has their own struggles, regardless of their situation. No one has it easy.

    I will never understand why some people just don’t get it. Whether you’re a working parent, a work-at-home parent, a stay-at-home mom or dad, or whatever you may be, you have to deal with the same trials as the next parent. Though homes with both parents working outside the home, like mine, have to hear about how “the mother needs to be home with those children,” stay-at-home parents catch a lot more grief because, as you know, people simply don’t take a moment to think before they speak. If they would take that moment, we’d all be better off. At least, I think we’d be better off. Maybe I’m giving the nay-sayers too much credit.

    Anyway, great post. I’m glad I found your blog.