Good News Friday: ‘Oh Sweet Lorraine’ by 96yr old Fred Stobaugh Tops The Charts


A few weeks back many of us heard about a sweet 96 year old man, Fred Stobaugh. He wrote a song for his late wife titled ‘Oh Sweet Lorraine’. It was a tribute to.the woman he loved and was married to for almost 75 years.After she passed he turned his sadness into a song. “We were, like, just as one we were. Lorraine and I.” He entered it into a singer-songwriter contest at Green Shoes Studios in Illinois. Having no musical skils or history he did not expect it to make it far or even hear back from anyone.

An employee, Jacob Colgan, was so moved by Fred’s story and song that he made it his mission to put the words to music.

If you missed the remarkable video on you tube take a minute to watch it now. It is the full story and includes their beautiful love story and Fred’s precious reaction. Warning: you will need tissue!

And now, the song is topping the charts. As August came to a close ‘Oh Sweet Lorraine’ was in the top ten on U.S. iTunes. Today ‘Oh Sweet Lorraine’ featuring Jacob Colgan and Fred Stobaugh sits at 58 on iTunes alongside stars like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus.

This is such a beautiful story It warms my heart and I am.sure it will yours as well. As Fred said, “Wonderful, just wonderful.”