Health & Holidays: Get The Walgreens Mobile App That Remembers For You! #WalgreensApp #shop #cbias

Health & Holidays: Get the App that remembers for you

This holiday season is much different than previous ones. This past Thanksgiving that was very clear! This year we are traveling a lot! When you travel you have to remember everything, everytime! All moms know that you do your best to remember everything for everyone but it is almost certain that you will forget something. Usually it is something of MINE that I forget. At Thanksgiving I forgot my brush and warm clothes. AHHH! But worse than that, I forgot to refill my medication before I left. That is when I realized just how much I depend on and love the Walgreens Mobile App!

When I moved and switchwd over my prescriptions the pharmacist told me about the Walgreens Mobile App for both iPhone and Android Phones. I found the Walgreens Android App in the Google Play Store and quickly realized this was made JUST FOR ME! Ok, so maybe not just for ME, but I sure needed it!

Walgreens Mobile App

I have medications that I take daily. I have done this for over a decade. You would think I would be a pro at remembering to take my medicines and on top of my refills after doing it for so long. But something happened during those 10 years, I had kids! The little memory I have left I use remembering everything for them!

I set up my pill reminders. I heard a little hallelujah ring out! This has saved my life so many days since then. Every morning around 7:30 while going through the morning rush I get a notice on my phone. It reminds me to  STOP and take my medicine. I can not tell you how many mornings I forgot before the Walgreens Android App.

That is just the beginning! The App stores all of my medication information. I was able to use the refill feature while I was home for the holidays. I opened the bottle and realized AHHH I was out!


Health & Holidays: Get the App that remembers for you!

But not to worry, I remembered the App! I quickly pulled out the App and clicked refill. I was able to choose the closest Walgreens that I needed to pick it up at. That was it! I was done! Then about 30 minutes later I received a text that my medicine was ready! WOW!

Health & Holidays

You do not need to be a tech pro to use this App. It is so easy!  If you do not have the App set up you can still request a refill. You can simply scan your bottle and choose a location as well.

Health & Holidays: Get the App that remembers for you!

TAH-DAH! See how easy that is? AND there is more! Using the Walgreens Mobile App you can earn Balance Rewards! If you have not signed up for Balance Rewards, you should! When I transferred my prescriptions to Walgreens a while back I received EXTRA rewards! I love being rewarded for something I have to do anyway! You can check your  Rewards balance from the App!

Health & Holidays: Get the App that remembers for you!

The Walgreens Mobile App helped me relax during the Holidays! It is wonderful to have one less thing to worry about! That means I can sit back and enjoy Hallmark movies and eat popcorn instead of worrying over the small AND big things. There is an App to worry for me! Now if I could get an APP to help me with all the other things I forget.