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AHA: The God Moment That Changes Everything (Christian Book Review)

AHA: The God Moment That Changes Everything (Christian Book Review)

Have you ever had an ‘AHA’ moment? You know the moment when everything becomes clear. The moment when you realize what you’ve been doing wrong. The moment that you feel like someone knocked you in the head.  That is your ‘AHA’ moment. I want to share a book with you that is about just that, your  ‘AHA’ moment.

I had an opportunity to preview ‘ AHA: The God Moment That Changes Everything‘ for you! This book, written by Kyle Idleman, will be hitting stores nationwide on March 1, 2014.  Kyle Idleman is the Teaching Pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, the fourth largest church in America.

 Kyle Idleman says there are three main things—Awakening, Honesty, Action—that will need to be addressed for lasting change. The book is broken into these three categories and allows you to really deep dive into your life. He uses parables in the bible to help us see a connection. Idleman has a great personality and it really shows in his writing. I found myself deep in emotion at times and giggling at other times.

I actually haven’t read through the entire book because, number one, I’m a slow reader and, number two, I have stopped and re-read several of the sections. I wanted the things that he talked about to really sink in.

Last night I read the part about HONESTY and being honest with yourself. He has a little activity and I’m not going to tell you what it is because I want you to read the book and try it yourself. One part of this activity really stood out to me. I stopped! WOW! Had he been watching me? YIKES! I am going to share this one question with you.  It asked if you have spent as much time in prayer as you have on Facebook this week? Surely he wrote that question just for me. Now  I can try to justify it by saying that I work in social media so I have to be on Facebook or social sites throughout the day. I can’t be praying forty hours a week. But in that moment I stopped to think, really think.  All those hours I spend on social media and Facebook am I really working? There are times my mind drifts and I go check out a clothing line or check out a new website. What if I  put all that extra time into praying? How much better would my life be? That one really hit home for me!

I have shared several times about how I’m struggling now that we’re living in a new state, a new home, adjusting to a new culture and finding new friends. I spent a lot of time to prayer lately about this. God has shown me is that I am in this place for a reason.  There is a reason he has me in this place right now. The reason may not even be about ME! It may be for someone else! Maybe God is using me to help someone else in this moment. This was another ‘AHA’ moment for me while reading this book and spending much time in prayer. That ‘AHA’ moment hit me and I realized I need to focus on other people. God is using me to help someone else. I may never know who or how.  You know when you stop and think about someone else it is much harder to focus on yourself!

When was the last time you had an ‘AHA’ moment? When was the last time someone was brutally honest with you or you were brutally honest with yourself?  When was the last time you stopped what you were doing and started looking at the real picture? Maybe that time is now! If you don’t think that you need in an ‘AHA’ moment and you don’t think that there’s anything right now that you need to work on, this book is definitely for you! I thought that I did not have any issues when I started reading this book. I was so wrapped up in my own unhappiness. I had no idea that I needed a knock in the head or a ‘AHA” moment. Until I read this book!

You can pre order AHA: The God Moment That Changes Everything right now. Don’t wait another minute!  This is a book that you NEED! It is not a self help book. It is much more than that!  If you are like me, and don’t think you need this book, get it for someone else but read it first! I CHALLENGE you to read it and  really look at your own  life!

This book will be available for sale starting March 2014. Be one of the first to experience an ‘AHA’ moments by pre ordering this book today or enter to win below. Pre order on Amazon now. It will also available for ordering at ChristianBook.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

Take this challenge!  I assure you- you will not be sorry! You are worth it!

ESSAY CONTEST:  In preparation for Kyle Idleman’s new release AHA, tell us in 1,000 words or less  about your very own ‘Lightbulb Moment with Jesus.’ The most inspiring story will win a choice of 10 books from the David C Cook Catalog + $100 VISA Gift Card.  See below for official rules and how to enter. CONTEST is open from January 17 – 31, 2014!


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      Looking forward to AHA!

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    I got saved at 9 years old in Tyrone, GA. We moved to Tennessee the next year. At 15 years old I started to become real depressed and entered a state of suicidal thoughts. For 3 months I thought I was living the most miserable life possible, until the next 3 months. My brother who is my best friend lived just down the hall from each other. Those next 3 months we were arguing continuously to where we stopped doing anything together. One certain night, when I felt like I couldn’t go another day, I went into my room ready to end it all. Minutes later my brother walked in smiling and said, lets go outside and play football. THANK YOU GOD FOR SENDING MY BROTHER TO SAVE MY LIFE! I’m now, at 27 years old, am a youth leader, preacher, and prison ministry softball player. I have a wonderful wife and son!

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    I am so interested in reading this!!! Excited for the opportunity! :)

  • Really seems to be an interesting book, especially for students!! Looking forward to reading it!

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    For me!