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I don’t know about you but summer can not come soon enough! This has been one of the coldest winters of my life! I am ready for sun, cold drinks, the beach and sending the kids to summer camp!

So let’s start now planning for the summer. I love online programs that make my plans easier. I am excited to share Thrively with you. is for hands-on parents with elementary to middle school age children who are trying to find the right activities, camps and after school programs for their children.  Thrively has just expanded into the DFW and Houston areas! YAY!

Discover Your Child’s Strengths at from Thrively on Vimeo.

Thrively is a family website that leverages strength-based learning principles to help kids discover and pursue their passions in life. Kids are far more likely to embrace an activity when they excel at it  and they are far more likely to excel at it when it matches their strengths and interests. Thrively worked with two leading pediatric neuropsychologists to develop an assessment for kids that helps them find out exactly what those strengths are – for instance focus, creative thinking, analytical ability, agility, and much more.

My 7 year old loves online tools and was excited to try out a new site at my request. She did a short assessment that was a lot of fun. She described it as “FUN”! She was really into the questions. There was a wide variety of questions including true/false, yes/no, watching a video and answering a corresponding question and much more. I found this kept her from losing interest. The entire test took about 30 minutes.

The assessment was followed by insights into her personality. It said “You are talented and gifted in the arts, possessing an innate skill, passion, and commitment to your art. You are most fulfilled when you are performing and receive a natural high from creating.” THAT WAS RIGHT ON!


I was excited to see what followed. I was shown a variety of local activities that were customized to complement her strengths and cater to her interests.

Thrively.clipular (2)

I was even shown online activities for when we can not get out. Thrively.clipular (1)

After using I would say it is perfect for finding activities that engage and interest your child not only during the summer, but ALL YEAR!

It is like a match making site for kids and FUN! is in the beta testing phase right now – sign up now for free!

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